Nordgreen Case Study

Discover how Nordgreen increased product visibility by 30% whilst maintaining ROAS target for existing regions and monthly revenue for a new region by 1,600% with Upp’s AI and Automation platform.

Smart digital marketers use Upp’s powerful AI platform to acquire more customers and hit their targets.

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    Nordgreen’s story began in 2017, with Nordgreen’s partners Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt building a brand that is actionable toward sustainable practices while creating an aesthetically pleasing, and functional collection of designer timepieces. Nordgreen envisioned its collection with award-winning Chief Designer Jakob Wagner, who earned his acclaim by designing for Bang & Olufsen, Hay, B&B Italia, and Cappellini for starters.

    Challenges and Goals

    Businesses are under pressure to adapt by rapidly transforming the way they engage with customers, operate internally and interact with partners. This has meant AI and automation has become essential in digital transformation as research shows the value of AI is quite clear. It reveals that more than 85% of advanced adopters attribute 10-12% points of revenue gains (or erosion offset) to AI and are reducing operating costs with AI.

    Nordgreen was previously managing and optimising 10 regions daily on Google Shopping in-house to achieve ROAS, increase conversion rate and maximise Ad Spend. With 1,752 SKUs under management, delivering on targets was getting more difficult and lots of effort was required for small incremental gains to achieve sustainable business growth. In particular, time was taken away from the in-house team to focus on other customer acquisition activities and they couldn’t get more granular insights to inform decision making.

    Nordgreen quickly realised AI and automation is key to unlocking sustainable business growth by using this tech to manage Google Shopping more efficiently and using real-time data to fully unleash its potential.

    They approached AI and automation platform partners to help them:

    • Analyse and present findings on product visibility distribution and selection optimisation
    • Find opportunities to optimise Google Shopping with a clear return on investment against business performance targets
    • Identify areas for improvement that isn’t easily visible to an in-house team

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    A data-led and AI-first solution

    Upp’s data-driven and consultative approach were key in convincing Nordgreen that Upp was the right AI and automation partner for them. So before presenting Nordgreen with a solution, Upp carried out a data-led audit of their current Google Shopping performance and found that:

    • Campaigns were saturated, as a result: visibility is pooling at the top, missing opportunities to maximise ROAS and not hitting budget
    • Overspend/underspend are common themes within the dataset
    • 83 distinct SKUs that generate good revenue but were starved of visibility, received minimal cost-share and were lost due to campaign saturation
    • 53 distinct SKUs that generate no revenue but received disproportionate levels of visibility
    • 128 distinct SKUs that have outstanding click-through rates but had zero conversion

    With this granular data and insights at hand, Upp proposed a solution using their connected retail performance platform to capitalise on these opportunities and continuously optimise Nordgreen’s Google Shopping Management. Using business and product performance data and a learning period of 10-15 days, the AI-first solution implements and automates to achieve Nordgreen’s desired outcomes:

      • Enable ROAS to increase as budgets do by optimising product selection
      • Improve account efficiency by redistributing of spend and visibility
      • Continuously tune and balance hero products that drive further conversion by using performance data to educate Google and optimise campaign structures over time
      • Reduce management time of Google Shopping for Nordgreen’s team

    Implementation and Onboarding

    Upp implementation and onboarding process are very simple and straightforward. They use a two-step process that is Account Setup and Data Integration, this process is streamlined and in comparison to an agency delivered service is much faster and reduces time to market for retailers to go live.

    Account Setup – Upp created Nordgreen an account, configure to their requirements such as currency and set them live on the platform

    Data Integration – Once a Nordgreen is live, Upp plugs into their datasets: product from Merchant Center, orders from Shopify and campaign performance from Google Adwords. Additional data points can also be added from Shopify if required.

    As part of the data integration, Upp carries out due diligence by checking the mapping of the data to make sure the cost, product and orders all use the same key for SKU in the platform. This also means SKU on an order matches the SKU on a product.

    As Nordgreen managed Google Shopping in-house, Upp also made sure relevant training and support were provided to users of the platform so they can have positive interactions with it, minimise disruptions to the business and get what they needed to support internal activities and processes.
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    Successes and continuous optimisation

    Using Upp’s connected retail performance platform has allowed Nordgreen to achieve within a few months:

    • Existing accounts optimised – in Japan, one of Nordgreen’s key regions, CPCs had nearly doubled in a year, impacting the ability to hit ROAS. Upp mitigated this by identifying SKUs previously starved of visibility, yet had the confidence they’d convert. Driving  up impressions by 30% and clicks by 34% on these SKUs, resulted in Japan now maximising budget whilst maintaining ROAS.
    • Entering new markets – in France, where Nordgreen recently entered the market using only Google Shopping and Upp, they increased their monthly recurring revenue by 1,600%
    • Scalable platform – with proven success and results from Upp’s platform, Nordgreen started off with only Australia, Canada, France and Japan regions and then expanded to include the UK, US, and Germany. After a recent review, Denmark, New Zealand and Poland were bought under Upp’s management, taking the total to 10 regions.

    Regular performance reviews between Nordgreen and Upp’s platform specialists means they get further detailed analysis of performance data and recommendations from not only Upp’s AI but also specialists. For example, in setting new ROAS targets and to achieve them, Upp recommended reducing ROAS targets to initially increase spending and see the impact of this. 

    On top of this Nordgreen enabled Upp’s AI to segment products by ROAS performance and allocate budget accordingly. This creates an optimal and balanced performance environment for the Upp’s AI to continuously optimise Google Shopping Campaigns, product visibility and spending to achieve new ROAS targets.

    Upp platform continues to evolve and improve to offer a better user experience and easy to access insights and Nordgreen is now using new features such as Weekly Performance Emails and Trending Products. This means in between reviews with Upp specialists, Nordgreen is able to keep up to date with their performance and adjust targets when they need to based on real-time insights from the platform.


    Upp Technologies is the only connected retail performance platform in the market. They ensure retailers thrive by connecting their product performance data, automatically unlocking hidden opportunities and optimising business performance in real-time.
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