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Intelligent Advertising

With the introduction of Google Performance Max, the retail digital landscape has changed and advertising teams now need the support of AI and machine learning (ML) to deliver against business goals.

Upp’s AI platform provides 24 x 7 management of Google Performance Max aligning ROAS, budget, products, assets and campaigns that align with business strategy across all inventory, complexity and scale. 

Unlock the power of Upp.ai to manage over 100M SKU’s, analysing 7Bn data points, and making nearly 7K changes on Google Shopping every single day.

Some of the problems
that Upp.ai solves

Set your objectives and let Upp deliver on your profit, revenue and spend goals.

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Only 50% of available ad budget is spent.


Only a fraction of a retail inventory is visible to consumers.


40% of retail ad spend is wasted.

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“Make Performance Max work for your business”

datapoints analysed per day
SKUs optimised and managed on the Upp.ai platform
actions taken on Google Shopping every week
tailored insights on over/under performance delivered each week

What people are saying about Upp.ai


“There was one week of downtime during the migration to Performance Max, where performance was merely maintained and then our Google Shopping channel skyrocketed.

The migration from Smart Shopping to Performance Max couldn’t have gone better.”
Ryan Coleman

eCommerce Marketing Manager

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“Upp has given us a 14x ROI. It keeps learning about our product and business performance over time so continues to optimise our performance whilst giving us control of what targets and thresholds to set for success”
Joe Bloomfield

Head of Digital, Charles Tyrwhitt

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“Upp’s implementation and onboarding were really simple. We went live really quickly and my team received the support needed to minimise disruption and used the insights from Upps operating system to help them with day to day business activities.”rnrn
Christopher Day

Chief Marketing Officer, Nordgreen

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“Upp’s insights have become more powerful the longer we have worked with them, which means I now use data from our performance marketing to improve other areas such as our pricing.”rnrn

Safety Supplies

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