The AI platform for retail brands serious about margin performance

Upp is revolutionising the way retail brands put their data to use and take their products to market.

Artificial Intelligence
that understands online retail

Built for online retail brands looking to go beyond the competition and thrive in fiercely competitive markets. Upp is the new way for retailers to drive macro business outcomes by combining marketing, ecommerce and business data, to win more customers and improve profitability.

Everything you need to compete, minimise cost and maximise your profit margin

Upp is a powerful suite of tools, designed specifically for retail brands to achieve maximum online visibility, connect macro outcomes to daily tasks and react to change quicker than their competitors.

  • Centralise product data and content

  • Easily list to Google Shopping and Amazon

  • Real-time margin analysis for every SKU

  • List 40x faster than traditional methods

  • Unlock hidden margin data from across the business

Stay on track by aligning day to day activity with macro business outcomes.

Upp product insights

Simple actions to drive macro outcomes


Product Content

One central home for product content. Machine learning enriches product titles, attributes, descriptions so they are ready for market.


Frictionless Listing

No need for channel expertise, Upp makes your products ready for action and lists faster than traditional methods.


Intelligent Monitoring

Upp collects intelligence from across the market, combining it with your business data, ensuring you can instantly react to change.


Actionable Insight

Going beyond reporting Upp provides insight and recommendations that can be actioned at the click of a button, giving you the agility to compete.

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The results speak for themselves

Reduce time to market by an average of 75%

Improve product visibility to increase sales across all channels

List products across Google Shopping and Amazon 40x faster than traditional methods

Remove loss-making marketing spend to maximise EBITDA performance

Upp Dashboard

Upp aligns your teams around the bigger picture by making it easy for them to respond to change and make critical day-to-day decisions.

Our AI engine continually analyses your ecommerce landscape providing actionable insight and recommendations. Upp helps guide decision making and ensures your team can see how their actions deliver against macro business goals.

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Find out how forward-thinking ecommerce retailers are using technology to better meet customer expectations to increase sales and improve margin performance.


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