The Intelligence-Led Google Shopping Platform

Align Marketing Spend, Growth & Profit Objectives

Through merging marketing data with operational retail performance data, Upp allows you to align your Google Shopping strategy around your businesses revenue and profitability targets.

Uncover growth on Google Shopping

Using data and recommendations from Google alone is not enough to drive retail success.
Upp provides all of the data you need, at SKU level, so you can confidently make strategic decisions and utilise automation aligned around your growth and profitability.

Everything you need to compete and maximise your retail performance.

Upp is a powerful platform designed for retail brands to achieve maximum growth through intelligent SKU level performance analysis and automation of campaign structures and bids. Upp goes beyond ROAS and gives you full visibility and confidence in the contribution your Google Shopping spend is making.

  • Fully compliant listings on Google Shopping

  • Automation of day-to-day tasks

  • Quickly & easily adjust campaigns and goals around the right metrics

  • Realignment of campaign structures

  • Strategic bidding updates

Upp product insights

Unearth opportunity through simple actions


Goal Alignment

Set revenue and profit goals that are right for your business now and watch as Upp's actions and insights drive towards achieving them.


Adjust Google Shopping Campaigns

Gain visibility over your Google Campaigns, even at SKU level, and ensure they’re driving profitability 24/7.


Actionable Insight

Get insights on how you are tracking against your targets, as well as suggested actions such as pausing campaigns due to low stock levels or increasing campaign spend based on buying behaviour.

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The results speak for themselves

SKU level analysis, allowing you to make more granular decisions aligned around your business goals.

Restructuring of Google Shopping campaigns to ensure products are grouped in the right campaigns to drive growth.

On average 35% of a retailer's products are loss making. Our platform can help you avoid this.

Remove loss-making marketing spend to maximise EBITDA performance.

Dashboard results

By exposing your real time revenue and net margin analysis at SKU level, we can help you prioritise products that are driving profitability AND growth.

Our AI engine continuously assesses your data and delivers insights into the right tactics to decrease loss and drive growth. Upp helps align your overarching strategy around your key business goals.

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