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Automate your Paid Marketing, Google Shopping and Performance Max management and growth through our data-led approach powered by cutting edge AI and Machine Learning technology.

Join other UK and Global brands and retailers who are Upp-ing their retail performance.

The only Connected Retail Performance platform in the market

We enable brands and retailers to thrive by connecting Google’s Ads data with your product performance data that delivers:

  • Automated retail performance with performance insights, optimisations and improvements that are automatically executed
  • Control and transparency where it matters with your dashboard, performance reports and trending insights
  • Always data-first and powered by market-leading Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology
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Upp drives


retail products


ad budget


retail revenue
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Upp Achieves On Average


increase in the rate of transactions


increase in available budget spent


increase in growth of revenues


increase in new customer purchases

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The Upp-side environment for retailers to thrive

For retailers who want to achieve the desired level of sales and profitability, Upp provides the connected retail performance environment that unlocks the potential and opportunity trapped in your data, helping you understand what’s possible and providing the capability to get there.


  • Always learning, automating and adapting
  • Acquire more customers whilst  increasing and maintaining ROAS, Profitability and Revenue
  • Increase product visibility and spend your budget on products that achieve conversion rate, ROAS and margin targets
  • Reduce Cost Per Acquisition and reach the right customers


  • Your control centre for performance success
  • Report, collaborate and inform decision making
  • See key products that impact your performance
  • Set the targets that matter to your business performance
  • See what changes are being made to report, collaborate and inform decision making across your business


  • Our approach is always data-led to ensure there is no guesswork in how we do things
  • Always connecting, enhancing and enriching the latest AL and Machine Learning technology with your business and product performance data

Join the Upp-side

Schedule a time to get your free, no-obligation Google Shopping consultation with one of our experts. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How your products are performing
  • Opportunities for spend optimisation
  • Customer segments visibility
  • Performance forecasting
  • Competitor insights
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