Charles Tyrwhitt Case Study

Learn how Charles Tyrwhitt drove down the Cost of New Customers whilst increasing conversion rates by 5% on average per day, product visibility by 14 million impressions and managing four regions through Upp’s connected retail performance platform.

Smart digital marketers use Upp’s powerful AI platform to acquire more customers and hit their targets.

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    Founded in 1986, Charles Tyrwhitt has been committed to making great products that last, at unbeatable value for money, with exemplary customer service, a pinch of British charm and a commitment to do things properly and responsibly. It has become a global brand, delighting customers from their flagship store on London’s famous Jermyn Street, to stores across the UK, USA, even Paris, and their far-reaching online store – no stone has been left unturned in their pursuit of fun, easy shopping experience for their customers.

    Charles Tyrwhitt Summary Post

    Challenges and Goals

    At the height of lockdown, according to research two-thirds (67.2%) of Brits admit they do not change clothes to look smarter ahead of work video calls. This has a negative impact on smart fashion brands as consumers switch from smart business attire for the office to the Zoom shirt and more casual wear.

    As we move out of the pandemic, working from home is here to stay and a third of UK staff want to ditch dress codes when they return to the office. However, they are seeking the sweet spot between casual and formal. Being too casual and relaxed impacts our work mindset as research shows what you wear does matter as appropriate clothing increases self-esteem and self-confidence and makes one work more productively. The research also highlights how particular clothes can also help keep you stay focused in a home environment that may have more distractions than a traditional office environment and changing clothes marks the beginning and end of the working day.

    Having managed Google Shopping in-house to capitalise on this post-pandemic trend and reach even more home workers, Charles Tyrwhitt’s team achieved success however with over 1450 product lines, it became quite difficult to keep analysing performance effectively and optimise Google Shopping accordingly.

    Charles Tyrwhitt approached Upp to see how their connected retail performance platform will drive success 24/7 by:

      • Reducing average daily Cost per New Customer (CpN) across UK and US regions to predefined targets 
      • Increasing average daily spend amounts on Google Shopping at the reduced CpN target
      • Exposing previously underserved inventory to Google Shopping
      • Easy to connect as Charles Tyrwhitt uses a custom platform for their e-commerce store

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    AI and automation solution

    Upp approaches every retailer with a data-driven and consultative approach. In order to make sure Charles Tyrwhitt’s requirements are clearly defined through data, Upp carried out a data-led audit of their current Google Shopping performance and found:

    • The cost has decreased significantly since Q4 2020
    • ROAS improvement has coincided with budget reduction and Google Shopping placing safer products into campaigns
    • Product visibility distribution was a key issue so it limited Charles Tyrwhitt’s ability to compete for new customers efficiently. This meant 159 impressions required per click and 29 clicks required per conversion along with 433 product lines not receiving enough clicks to generate a single conversion over the audit time period
    • Campaign structure had no product groups active and only standard product/campaign grouping and categorisation was used
    • Identified missed opportunities to maximise ROAS due to saturation within campaigns
    • Campaigns were limited by budget and when increasing budget the campaign structure isn’t optimised to maximise it

    Upp presented to Charles Tyrwhitt on how the platform is built from the ground up to perform 24/7 and automate Google Shopping to achieve Cost per Acquisition, Return on Ad Spend targets whilst maximising spend. To achieve this, the Upp platform automatically:

    • Redistributes spend and visibility in order to impact account efficiency
    • Optimise product selection and enable ROAS to increase as budgets do 
    • Continuously fine-tune and balance hero products that drive further conversion by educating Google Shopping and optimising campaign structures over time

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    Implementation and onboarding

    Upp uses a two-step process that is Account Setup and Data Integration, this process is streamlined and in comparison to an agency delivered service is much faster and reduces time to market for retailers to go live.

    Account Setup – Upp created Charles Tyrwhitt an account, configured to their requirements such as currency and set them live on the platform

    Data Integration – Once Charles Tyrwhitt is live, Upp plugs into their datasets. Upp connects to various e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and Magento2 but also supports custom platforms such as Charles Tyrwhitt’s via API to pull product data and campaign performance from Google Adwords.

    As part of the data integration, Upp carries out due diligence by checking the mapping of the data to make sure the cost, product and orders all use the same key for SKU in the platform. This also means SKU on an order matches the SKU on a product.

    As Charles Tyrwhitt managed Google Shopping in-house, Upp also made sure relevant training and support were provided to users of the platform so they can have positive interactions with it, minimise disruptions to the business and get what they needed to support internal activities and processes.

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    Our success and continuous optimisation

    In a short space of time, the Upp’s connected retail performance platform achieved for Charles Tyrwhitt:

    • A consistent downward trend in CpN for both the UK and US regions
    • The UK region saw increases in conversion rates by 5% on average per day, product visibility by +14.4 million impressions and ad spend by +45%
    • The US region saw increases in conversion rates by 4% on average per day, product visibility by +2.7 million impressions and ad spend by +25%
    • This translates to an ROI uplift of 14x from their investment in Upp’s platform
    • With the success of the US and UK regions, Germany and Australia was quickly added to Upp’s platform

    The Upp platform continues to optimise performance based on Charles Tyrwhitt’s target parameters and thresholds with the aim to increase daily ad spend as highest possible whilst maintaining agreed target CpN and continuing to increase product visibility of underserved products.

    Platform improvements have also made it easier for Charles Tyrwhitt to keep up to date with their performance via a live dashboard to monitor performance and change targets in real-time, Trending Products league table of top and bottom performing products and summarised weekly performance emails straight to key users inboxes.

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    Upp Technologies is the only connected retail performance platform in the market. They ensure retailers thrive by connecting their product performance data, automatically unlocking hidden opportunities and optimising business performance in real-time.
    Charles Trywhitt Case Study