Upp goes beyond listing platform capabilities with intelligence, insight and action to deliver real results.

Enabling retail brands to have better alignment, improve data and increase margin.

Upp is the only platform that uses AI to combine your most critical, business, product, marketing and ecommerce data to give your team actionable insights that drive your core business objectives.

With real-time machine learning, you can take control and simplify your most complex business processes by connecting your business to the Upp platform.

Connect to your online channels easily

The Upp Platform is designed specifically for retail brands.

Micro actions to deliver macro objectives

Intelligent listing and product content management

List with AI enriched product data and achieve maximum online visibility

Eliminate waste with action, not just insight

Optimise marketing spend and activity, with focused tracking of margin performance to drive more effective and dynamic campaigns

Identify demand and react to change rapidly

Intelligent live monitoring & actionable recommendations mean your teams can stay close to the market and ensure that with the click of a button they turn insight into action

Intelligent Listing Engine

Data mapping

Import and centralise your data with zero friction

Upp uses advanced graph mapping technology to structure data for each channel into a centralised format. Our machine learning enriches your data ensuring it’s at the highest quality and retail-ready.

Importing data requires no developer time allowing your team to quickly change data parameters and product data without the need for hard code.

Connect to your online channels easily

Once your data is in the Upp platform you have the ability to connect to your desired channel, seamlessly in a format optimised specifically for that channel. Bespoke listings are generated for each channel automatically making Upp an effortless experience.

Upload your product data once and our cutting-edge AI applies the listing data in a format fit for each channel, with the goal of increasing visibility and revenue.

Take control over your inventory. Upp’s single SKU structure means you can structure your inventory freely. Optimising listings for whatever channel and allowing you to make changes and keep ahead of the curve even if channels change their requirements.


List product 40x faster than traditional methods

Upp takes your data and automatically enriches it, making it fit for each channel. We provide smart recommendations on how to enhance the listings and allow your team to bulk edit listings across multiple channels with ease.

With better quality listings, published to marketplaces faster than your competitors you’re more likely to convert sales.

Take control and monitor return on investment

Upp is designed for revenue optimisation and our smart listings technology allows you to hit your objectives and improve listing performance across all of your channels. Resulting in your team hitting their ROAS and margin targets.

Take control and monitor return on investment

Margin Intelligence

Micro actions to deliver macro objectives

Better align your business around KPIs

It’s a daily struggle to maintain margin. You have to overcome a changing landscape, complex environments, poor data and limited marketplace intelligence. That’s before you get to your competitors. Upp enables you to have complete visibility of your performance. You can turn macro objectives into micro-actions. Providing insight and actionable recommendations across teams and stakeholders to better align your entire business with one goal in mind; profitable margin performance.

Capturing all the macro data points across your ecosystem

Upp monitors the entire product lifecycle, from manufacturing to purchase and delivery. With complete visibility, Upp accurately uncovers the variables that could be implicating profit margins. Upp collects data across fixed and variable costs. It intelligently calculates and analyses at a product unit level in order to allow you to focus on a single KPI which is net profit margin.

Product lines google spend vs margin

Give your teams a fighting chance

Your teams are making decisions all day, every day, small decisions that could have a big impact. Upp alerts your team to the financial and margin impact of their planned and current activity, providing break-even analysis, across teams in real-time. Ensuring success is aligned with profitability.

Velocity in Action

Upp delivers velocity reporting and recommendations on a unit level to your teams. Today, - teams use their own KPI’s in silos – meaning small decisions can have huge impacts on your overall margin performance. With wider visibility of your metrics, your teams are ready to collaborate and Upp’s insightful analysis enables your teams to know exactly what they need to do to reach your end goal.

Margin Hub

Exception reporting and alerts

Upp monitors anomalies or increases in sales and will analyse what factors have impacted performance. Upp’s artificial intelligence provides actionable recommendations and alerts to minimise these external factor changes.

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