Upp. OS for eCommerce

Imagine having individual product and performance marketing managers for each and every one of your SKUs – managing their Google Shopping advertising on a personalised basis. That’s the Upp. operating system for eCommerce.

Upp collates unrivalled inventory intelligence connecting a retailers unique product data to all other relevant data on each SKU. We then apply our unique Product Grouping Algorithm, clustering products according to their performance potential and assign the right ROAS budget for each SKU. Upp’s decision intelligence then creates your Performance Max Campaigns. Perfectly optimised to support the potential of every SKU aligned to business goals, and automatically adjusted according to supply and demand.

With inventory intelligence at its core, Upp. OS outperforms all traditional methods and is transforming Google Performance Max management – providing real-time intelligence, advertising automation, and insights previously impossible to gain.


Inventory Intelligence

Inventory Intelligence is the data gathering and processing part of Upp. OS. It gathers information from previously disparate data sets to form a unique real-time snapshot of a products commercial and operational status.

Upp. is constantly looking at your product’s advertising data, commercial operations data, customer influencers, and market trends. And uses this detailed inventory intelligence to optimise the product’s ROAS in real-time. Put simply, Upp’s ability to analyze billions of data points daily and make the necessary changes to Google Shopping in real-time, is what’s transforming eCommerce for our Clients.


data points analysed per day

Decision Intelligence

Decision Intelligence is the Upp ecosystem’s ability to analyze billions of data points daily and make the necessary changes to Google Shopping in real-time. It is transforming eCommerce for our Clients.

There is no agency, solution or team of PPC, performance and product managers combined that can compete with this, however, working with Upp gives these teams the clarity and efficiency they have been missing.

Simply set your high-level goals, (based on your business needs for individual SKU’s) and let the Upp ecosystem do the rest. One simple dashboard shows you how your products are performing, combined with decision intelligence to explain the reasons for both great performance and underperformance.


actions taken on Google Shopping per week

Upp. Insights, weekly overview on what’s working, and what’s not.



Conversion value


Conversion Rate



revenue down from £420 last week


conversion rate, down from 18% last week. Action needed



impressions of promoted products promoted products


increase in ROAS of promoted products

Google Partner

Upp is proud to be a certified Google Partner. We are recognized by Google for maximizing campaign success for our clients, driving client growth by maintaining clients’ campaigns, and demonstrating Google Ads skills and expertise with certifications.
As a Google Partner, it signifies that we have multiple employees who are certified in Google AdWords, we continuously meet Google’s performance standards, and participate in frequent ongoing trainings, gaining early access to Google’s beta features, allowing us to test our products ahead of the game.


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