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  • Sector: Fashion
  • Services: Paid Marketing
  • Focus: UK
  • Start: 2023

The Customer

Roman are renowned as a forward thinking, design led fashion retailer, whose success is rooted in their core principles: affordable, timeless clothing and impeccable customer service.

Roman’s business is fast paced, exciting and aspirational, with their passion and enthusiasm reflected in their brand. Their products embody ageless sophistication and style, and they strive to provide a comprehensive and personalised shopping experience for all customers – whether in stores, online or by phone. For Roman, it’s all about making customers feel satisfied.

Roman are proud to offer a convenient and easily accessible service, and are always searching for the best technology and services they can find to help their customers online.  It’s here that they have found a great partner in Upp.

They hoped that Upp’s technology would offer them a better way of managing their large inventory on Google Shopping than traditional methods – improving their performance.  We are delighted to have exceeded their expectations.  Roman now has complete confidence that this channel provides them with the returns they need, is scaled for growth and provides significantly higher revenue for them one year after working with us.


“Working with Upp. is really comforting as Google Shopping is now a very reliable source of income for us.”

Roman’s Challenge with Google Shopping

Roman had noticed a significant and steady decline in their Google Shopping performance, but were unable to pinpoint why.  They were working with a well known eCommerce Agency, but unfortunately despite working hard to find the answers that Roman needed, they had nothing they could use to reverse their performance decline.

Upp. began working with Roman’s Marketing Manager, with the idea that through advances in technology Roman’s inventory could be handled in a smarter way.  Many retailers working with agencies are familiar with the ‘80:20 rule’ of performance marketing – that 80% of an inventory’s performance is driven by 20% of products.  Upp. will always challenge this – and through using our unique technology we audited the performance of Roman’s inventory.  Our insights surfaced many of the answers that Roman had been unable to get previously, and importantly, showed that the vast majority of their inventory was not being pushed on Google Ads at all.


“Prior to working with Upp. we couldn’t justify a large ad spend on Google Shopping, as we did not have confidence in the return, now this is the only channel where we are confident on the return of our ad spend every single week.”

Upp’s Response

Upp. began working with Roman, who could see that if we were able to increase their inventory visibility, their performance would improve.  Upp’s AI first organised Roman’s inventory into campaigns that were based on performance potential instead of product lines and Upp. OS then began to force inventory exposure, all the while collecting data for our Machine Learning, to both increase performance and ensure constant improvement.

Despite this being a radical change from agency methods, Roman saw stabilisation of their Google Shopping channel immediately – which is what kick-started the road to success.


Roman’s Road to Success

Increasing the visibility of Roman products on Google Shopping was just the beginning.  Roman enjoyed steady incremental improvements during the first 6 months of working with Upp, but the real value came in 2022. 

Working with Upp. during the last 6 months of 2021, Roman had doubled their investment in their Google Shopping channel, whilst always maintaining their ROAS.  In March 2022 Upp. migrated Roman to Performance Max – and this is where the relationship took off.

Within one month, Roman doubled their Performance Max spend, as their confidence in Upp. enabled them to continue to spend whilst ROAS was either maintaining or improving.  And Upp. was proving so responsive, that Roman understood there was no need to cap their investment in the channel – the moment performance was not being maintained, Upp. would reduce ad spend wherever necessary.

“The migration from Smart Shopping to Performance Max couldn’t have gone better.

There was one week of downtime during the migration to Performance Max, where performance was merely maintained and then our Google Shopping channel skyrocketed.”

Reaching Roman’s Goals

Upp. works harder than ensuring ROAS, we work with Roman to help them meet their business goals.  Upp. is constantly analysing the data that affects each product and responding to any changes set by Roman, which means that we help to ensure the outcomes they are working towards as a business.

“We have a very large product base and have a perfect fit with Upp. as they are able to maintain our goals and optimise our products for us on Google Shopping – making this our most reliable performance marketing channel.”

“Working with Upp. has enabled us to use Google Shopping to hit our business goals. If we need to drive straight ROAS, Upp. hits the targets we set. In early December we needed to hit a 4 x return and within 2 weeks we were hitting this consistently.”

Confidence in Google Shopping

“We have the clarity and certainty of Google Shopping as a channel and confidence is everything.  In the current economic climate, with consumer confidence wavering and the cost of living increasing, pretty much every business in the country is affected. Roman is no different – we have had to implement cuts in advertising this year and we must deliver more with less. Upp. enables us to do this.  Compared to all other channels, our confidence is high with Google Shopping and this is due to the certainty we have from working with Upp.”

Upp. Performs Better than Traditional Methods

”Google Ads no longer needs a team of experts, working at a tactical level.  There is no worrying and no need to analyse and optimise performance – Upp. does this automatically and responsively.”

“All other performance marketing – including paid search, has no guarantee, but it feels like Upp. has a guarantee in place. No agency and no other channel delivers the returns we have with Upp.”

“Upp. provides stability to advertising which instils confidence in the business; if we set a target, Upp. will hit it without question and will consistently perform.”

“Upp. allows Roman to focus on higher-level strategic thinking in our approach to advertising thanks to the trust we can place in Upp. to deliver consistent results.”


“Upp. has helped Roman drive incrementally higher value from Google Shopping / Performance Max advertising whilst significantly scaling up our level of investment.”

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