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Make Google Shopping work

Prices scale based on the number of SKU’s, number of sites/regions and your monthly shopping spend on Google Shopping. Contact sales to get a detailed pricing estimate and discover how an investment of a small percentage of your advertising spend, on Upp, creates a significant increase in the success of your Google Shopping campaigns.

Proven ROI from our customers



additional revenue

“Upp. has gone from strength to strength and has given us a 14x return on investment. It keeps learning about our product and business performance over time so continues to optimise our performance whilst giving us control of what targets and thresholds to set for success.”
Joe Bloomfield

Head of Digital, Charles Tyrwhitt

Charles Tyrwhitt


increase in sales volume

“Upp. has delivered a cost-effective granular solution that enhances Google Shopping, giving us the confidence that their AI and Automation technology is ensuring all products get exposure at the right time and whilst always working to hit our target ROAS.”
Adrian Flowers

eCommerce Director, Nkuku



increase in advertising profitability

“Upp.’s decision intelligence impressed us from day one and has continued to do so. Our Google Shopping Management is optimised in real time, to meet our performance targets, and consistency means we have sustainable growth through Google Shopping as a customer acquisition channel. This gave us the confidence to deepen our relationship with Upp. and have expanded to have all 11 regions under Upp.’s management.”
Christopher Day

Chief Marketing Officer, Nordgreen


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