Be efficient

Scale efficiently

Upp. OS, our retail intelligence Operating System, is like having a dedicated team of performance marketers for each product. You are still in control, you set the high-level goals, but it is the Upp AI that creates all the personalized campaigns that will meet those goals, by delivering optimized advertising performance for every product.

Managing Google Shopping campaigns, even more so in the era of Performance Max, is a data-driven task that is only scalable by machine learning. Only the Upp Advertising platform can scale Google Shopping efficiently, reducing your resource footprint.


products (SKUs) optimised & managed by Upp OS
Be effective

Understand your products

To know if a product can be a top performer it needs to be tested. Most retailers find this either impossible or expensive…

Not with Upp Advertising, We focus on the most efficient way to allocate budget for new products and ensure better visibility for your entire inventory – while ensuring maximum revenue is generated from your best sellers.


more variety of products sold
Be responsive

Real-time changes & reporting

Unlike non-automated solutions, Upp Advertising is making changes to your campaigns in real-time, not only on the performance within the campaign but on data gathered outside Google Shopping. A product maybe selling well elsewhere – or nearly out of stock, it’s COGs may have increased or have been discounted. Upp OS knows all of this and feeds this information to the Upp Advertising platform, which acts on this and ensures budget is either applied or reduced. Google cannot know this and no other solution can connect all of this information, 24/7, to take immediate action on each product.
And all of this is happening without user intervention, no need to review, re-group or reset ROAS. Gone are the days of 90 day campaigns and periodic adjustments.
The Upp dashboard keeps you informed of what is going on and our unique insights allow you to improve your online retail strategy.


intelligent actions taken on Google Shopping every single day

How Upp. compares

Features: Other SaaS solutions Performance Marketing Agencies

Google Shopping Automation

Multiple campaign updates per day

Fully Scalable to 1000s of SKUs

Uses data from multiple platforms

Real-Time dashboard

Weekly Reporting

Campaigns grouped by performance, not category

Reduce resource footprint

Google Partner

Google Partner

Upp is proud to be a certified Google Partner. We are recognized by Google for maximizing campaign success for our clients. Driving client targets and demonstrating Google Ads expertise.
It proves that we have multiple employees who are certified in Google AdWords, we continuously meet Google’s performance standards and participate in frequent ongoing training.

As a Google Partner, we gain early access to new Google features, allowing us to gain a competitive advantage for our Clients.


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