Fixed Pricing Tailored to Your Business Performance

Our Pricing Structure

We offer a fixed monthly fee, we don’t charge commission
on ad spend.

Is Upp for you?

Do you...

  • Have more than 200 SKUs?
  • Have a monthly Google Shopping budget of £8,000 or more?

If so then Upp is the right platform for you!

Your monthly fee is based on:

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Your average monthly ad budget

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Estimated number of Upp improvements per month

Confirmation of your monthly fee is subject to our data-led audit.

By unlocking your data our audit will show you the opportunities to increase your Google Shopping performance.

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Join other UK and Global brands and retailers who are Upp-ing their retail performance.

Your fixed monthly fee provides:

Control and Transparency

24/7 access to your account management dashboard and real-time performance reporting so you can:

  • Set your targets and our reporting dashboards provide details of - your performance against your business goals, what optimisations have been made to your account, and SKU level performance
  • Receive high-level performance reports on how your Google Shopping and Performance Max ads are performing against your objectives

Automated Retail Performance

Our AI-powered platform works round the clock to optimise your Google Shopping account to ensure a growth opportunity is never missed:

  • Connect your business and product performance data
  • Constantly collecting and refreshing the data throughout the day
  • Automatically optimises product and campaign structure based on your data and targets

Market-leading AI and Automation Technology

Our unique patented AI and Automation technology means there is no other platform or agency able to do what we do and deliver what we are capable of delivering:

  • The only platform that works with, not against, Google’s latest AI and Automation technology
  • We enhance and enrich Google's existing AI and Automation technology
  • Cutting edge AI and Automation technology that is continuously refined and improved with new features and functionalities


return on investment

Transforming your Google Shopping Performance

"Upp has gone from strength to strength and has given us a 14x return on investment.

It keeps learning about our product and business performance over time so continues to optimise our performance whilst giving us control of what targets and thresholds to set for success.

The dashboard and weekly emails also make it easy for us to keep on top of performance."

Joe Bloomfield | Head of Global Digital, Charles Tyrwhitt

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