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Making profit a priority

We’ve found that 40% of ad spend on Google Shopping generates £0 revenue. We are putting that cash back into retailers businesses, by eliminating this waste and putting spend where it’s needed. We establish the point of profitability for each and every SKU and focus on increasing profit and improving efficiency for our retailers.


Average client growth in PROFITABLE revenue

“Upp. is a good example of our investment in technology to ensure we have the best quality data to support our business. Working with Upp gives us good insight into our online retail and automating advertising decisions on Google Shopping and has significantly improved performance.”

CMO Charles Tyrwhitt

Digital Marketers / PPC Managers

Faster, smarter advertising

Working with Upp. is easy, whether you have in-house teams or a digital marketing agency.  The rewards are evident and results can be seen within 90 days.

We are not another reporting or analytics tool. You set your commercial targets and Upp does the rest.  Work from PROAS not ROAS – and set specific targets for individual SKU’s rather than product lines. 

The results are undeniable, with profitable sales, increased visibility, more variety of products sold, increases in new customers and a real time account of what’s working and what’s not.

“Upp.’s proposition was an attractive one.  They continuously optimise our vast product range, organising SKUs into relevant campaigns to help maximise exposure at the right cost. It’s definitely the way forward.”

Head of Digital, Poundshop

Digital Marketing/PPC Agencies

Let AI reduce your resource footprint, and increase performance.

Managing Google Performance Max effectively, for your clients with a large number of SKUs, is hugely resource intensive and not very profitable. Furthermore, regardless of how much resource you allocate, humans cannot perform as well as machines in this data driven task. This is an opportunity to introduce AI to your clients. Let Upp manage Google Shopping, reducing your resource footprint for each client, while increasing results and client satisfaction. This lets you scale your business by allowing you to service more clients, more effectively and more efficiently. Contact sales to discuss partnering with Upp.

More reasons to choose Upp.

See for yourself

Take an audit of your inventory performance today, and see what opportunities you have to make your advertisng spend more efeective.

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Simple to use

Simply log in, link to your Google Merchant Center, and your eCommerce platform, and keep track everything on the real-time dashboard.

Unique insights

No other solution offers anything like Upp. Insights, that provide previously unseen opportunities to reduce waste and increase profitability.

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Upp.® helps retailers sell more – profitably, through Google Shopping

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