eCommerce Advertising interprets billions of product and market data points to allow you to deploy more Ad budget across a wider range of products while minimising management overhead
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Regain control

Upp.AI continually interrogates and interprets market data in real time. Using that information together with finance and inventory data to manage placement and promotion of products. In peak periods, or where there is intense competition – changes happen continuously to ensure business goals are met (ROAS, profit, revenue).

Our technology is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer. It’s about enabling retailers to harness their data’s full power, turning insights into action instantaneously.

Performance Max is a big leap forward in automating your advertising using Google AI across bidding, budget optimisation, audiences and creative. Because has visibility of advertising data as well as all of your product and inventory, business and market data – we use significantly more information to drive your PMax campaigns, giving Google’s algorithm the richest, most relevant realtime information possible to make your campaigns as successful as possible.

We integrate with multiple systems to deliver an entire ad strategy that is aware of business goals, profitability, inventory and market conditions; as well as product information, ROAS goals and promotions.

Turn data into decisions

Diagram illustrating a traditional marketing workflow, involving manual tasks by Human Teams from 9am-5pm, spanning eCommerce Marketing, Operations, Finance, and PPC Team with ROAS, Budget, and Campaigns.
Infographic illustrating's AI-driven retail performance model, showing marketing, operations, and finance stages leading to dynamic ROAS assignment and product testing, with 24/7 AI technology support.

Just look at the results

Average increase in revenue
Increase in products hitting ROAS
Increase in the rate of transactions
Increase in available budget spent

Benefits for Retail Marketing Teams

Set your objectives and let Upp.AI deliver on your profit, revenue and spend goals.

  • Hit ROAS targets
  • Advertise more products
  • Spend your ad budget
  • Reducing wasted ad spend
  • Engage more customers
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  • Instantly react to market conditions
  • Single view of your entire paid media performance
  • Combine eCommerce and market data to make better decisions
  • Manage every single SKU
  • Manage all your accounts from one platform
  • No limitations on the number of products
  • Lower cost to manage, increase ROI
  • Free up resource to focus on strategy
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Our platform never sleeps

Delivering performance whenever customers want to buy

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Global coverage

Multi-region and global service

Comprehensive reporting

Complete visibility over product, ad and market performance

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From hundreds to millions of SKU’s

Manages all products regardless of scale

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Tested and secure to ISO27001

Google Partner

Upp.AI is proud to be a certified Google Partner. We are recognized by Google for maximizing campaign success for our clients. Driving client targets and demonstrating Google Ads expertise.
It proves that we have multiple employees who are certified in Google AdWords, we continuously meet Google’s performance standards, and participate in frequent ongoing training.

As a Google Partner we gain early access to new Google features, allowing us to gain a competitive advantage for our Clients.
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“ has given us a 14x ROI. It keeps learning about our product and business performance over time, and continues to optimise our performance whilst giving us control of what targets and thresholds to set for success”
Joe Bloomfield
Global Head of Digital Marketing, Charles Tyrwhitt
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“Prior to working with, we couldn’t justify a large ad spend on Google Shopping, as we did not have confidence in the return. Now this is the only channel where we are confident on the return of our ad spend every single week.”
Ryan Coleman
eCommerce Marketing Manager, Roman
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“’s insights have become more powerful the longer we have worked with them, which means I now use data from our performance marketing to improve other areas such as our pricing”
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