Scale Your Google Shopping

Using Machine Learning, Upp blends Google Search data with your business's product performance data to maximise product visibility across your inventory.

Our platform's AI never misses an opportunity to optimise your account, ensuring the consistent growth and scaling of your Google Shopping account.

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Google performs better with greater business understanding

How do I boost visibility to the new products?
What should my target ROAS be?
Is my marketing budget being spent optimally?

These are all questions Google Shopping can’t easily answer for you. Enter Upp.

By blending ad, product, operational and market data, Upp’s AI has a far better ability to identify opportunity patterns that Google’s Standard and Smart Shopping platform cannot do alone, unlocking a performance level previously unachievable.

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 for global brands:

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Machine Learning capitalises on every opportunity to grow your account.

You pick your targets, Upp makes the adjustments to reach them.

Our dashboard provides you with real-time reporting and tracking on - budget, competitors, customer types, product selection - you name it, with data, Upp meticulously pinpoints your growth challenges and opportunities

Unlike any Agency or In-House solution

Unlike your agency or in-house team, Upp is working to optimise your account 24/7.

Using more than just Google data, Upp has an unparalleled advantage to understand more than just customer intent. That’s why Upp’s performance is unrivalled by any human solution.

Your agency or in-house team just needs to focus on account strategy, and leave Upp to do the heavy lifting.

But don’t just take our word for it — look at our client’s stories… our clients have experienced a 33% total revenue increase, boosted product visibility from 32% to 93%, and reduced CPA by 18%!

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Enhance both Smart and Google Shopping

Some of our competitors dub themselves as “better than Smart Shopping” — jury’s out on that — anyway, this means they won’t work with Smart Shopping, only Standard.

This is all well and good, except Smart Shopping campaigns can outperform Standard by 24% on average. That’s why it’s become the default campaign for 90%+ of retailers.

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