Scale and Automate Your Retail Performance

Supercharge Google Ads

Enrich and enhance Google Shopping and Performance Max to automatically boost your product visibility, achieve and maintain ROAS and maximise Ad Budget.

Unlock Opportunities

A data-led approach to finding opportunities and automatically optimising your product structure and campaign to achieve your targets.

Drive efficiency

Free time and reduce the effort for your in-house team or agency team by removing manual processes and automating data mining, analysis and optimisations.

Always in control

Easily see your performance, adjust your success targets and let us get you there.

Join other UK and Global brands and retailers who are Upp-ing their retail performance.

Supercharge Google Ads


Product Performance Data

Connect Google Ads data with 70+ business and product performance data points to enrich and enhance Google's understanding of your business and entire product range.


Improve Performance

Complement and use all of Google's latest AI and Automation including Performance Max by using product performance data to optimise product and campaign structure at SKU level. 

Unlock Opportunities

Data-led Approach

Unlock opportunities in your data, through a data-led approach, that will highlight areas for improvement to increase product visibility, maximise budget and achieve and maintain your success targets.

Highlight challenges to your success and builds a data-led strategy to overcome them.

AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning do all your data mining and analysis 24/7 to keep finding and unlocking opportunities in your data.

It automates the needed optimisations and improvements to achieve your desired success targets.

Upp Achieves On Average


increase in available budget spent


average Cost Per Click in 2021


increase in the rate of transactions

Drive Efficiency

Automated on-going optimisations

AI and Machine Learning never stop optimising your performance using your latest business and product performance data.

Limited intervention from your in-house team or in the case of PPC agencies, optimisations and improvements are limited after initial setup.

No delays

No waiting for performance reviews with your PPC agency.

Optimisations and improvements are executed 24/7 with limited intervention from your in-house teams and remove the need for PPC agencies to manage your account.

Always In Control

Live Dashboard

Control Centre

The live dashboard is your control centre and is available to you 24/7 filled with insights and metrics that matter to you.

Performance emails

Performance Reporting

Performance reports based on your target achievements and trending products that impact them.

Use them to quickly keep up to date and inform decision making for other core activities.

Upp Achieves On Average


increase in new customer purchases


increase in growth of revenues

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