We do things differently

Customer data has been the cool kid for a very long time but we have a slightly different view of the world, inventory data is the hero in our story. With retailers struggling to manage their Google Shopping channel and use performance marketing to drive their profit margins, we asked a different question.

What if we put product and inventory at the heart of decision making?

The challenge with relying on customer data

We realised that most retailers were using their weakest data set
to drive their entire product and marketing strategy. 

Unreliable and partial

Not all customers create accounts or make repeat purchase meaning many retailers’ strategy relies on a limited understanding of the customer.

Behind Walled Gardens

Of the Big 4 media owners mean getting data and insight from their platforms is increasingly difficult.

Subject to GDPR

Personal data handling compliance requirements higher with customer data.


Changes within the Google and Apple ecosystem challenging for business with no repeat business.

Product-led businesses should have product
at the heart of their decision making

So for us inventory data is the unexploited elixir of performance
that exists within and is fully owned by all retailers. 

More reliable data

Retailers have more data about their product than anything else providing a far richer data set.

Fully owned by You

No walled gardens to see here. All data is fully owned by and exists within the retailer.


No problems.

Real time & dynamic

Product data is live and moving all the time – it’s the freshest possible data within the retailer ecosystem.


Unlock your potential

Upp unlocks the potential of every product in your Google Shopping channel. And with inventory at the heart of the solution, our decision intelligence improves your business performance. 

There is another way. Upp puts inventory at the nucleus of the solution and has driven results for customers.

What people are saying about Upp.


“Upp has given us a 14x ROI. It keeps learning about our product and business performance over time so continues to optimise our performance whilst giving us control of what targets and thresholds to set for success”
Joe Bloomfield

Head of Digital, Charles Tyrwhitt

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