Solution explained

Upp. scales Google Shopping – ensuring profitability, control & certainty

Upp. is not an agency or a point solution.  Upp. is an Operating System with inventory at its heart. More capable than ALL traditional advertising methods, Upp. allows retailers to do more, with less.

This is why we are useful to your businesses (not just your performance marketing team).  Upp. outperforms traditional PPC methods and brings scale, insights, and opportunities to retailers and brands that were previously impossible to gain.

Retail Leaders, from CFOs to CMOs all have very different roles, but your purpose is always to ensure that your business is profitable and sustainable.  Upp.’s ability to pinpoint true profitability, for every SKU advertised, is unique, (without Upp. this is impossible), underpinning retailers towards profitable, efficient, sustainable eCommerce.

Trading Managers and eCommerce Managers use Upp.’s Decision Intelligence to gain the transparency and clarity they have been missing from traditional performance marketing. No costly retrospectives, or weekly updates, Upp. deals in the here and now and provides insights to help capitalise on demand when it’s there and forecast more efficiently for the future.  Upp. allows better forecasting, and reasoned discounting.

Digital Marketing Managers, PPC Managers and their Agencies – our ad automation is the best tool you have to work with! Upp. continuously optimizes your Performance Max campaigns – while you get to focus on strategic goals. Upp. allows you to work from iROAS (intelligent ROAS) targets for individual SKUs.  Understand performance and underperformance and finally get one step ahead with advertising that’s as fast and responsive as you need it to be – and smarter than all of us combined!


“Upp.’s decision intelligence impressed us from day one and has continued to do so. Our Google Shopping Management is optimised in real time, to meet our performance targets, and consistency means we have sustainable growth through Google Shopping as a customer acquisition channel.”

In numbers:


Increase in ROAS


increase to our customers’ marketing budgets


More products within a retailer inventory setting


Increase in the rate of transactions


Increase in new customer purchases

Advertising automation

Automatically optimise every SKU in real time & ensure ROI

What would it feel like to know that every SKU was being individually managed and optimised in real time – all with a full understanding of all the levers behind a customer purchase?

Upp.’s OS attentively cares for each & every SKU that you advertise online, 24/7, by uniquely grouping your inventory on Google Shopping to ensure optimal performance and then continually analysing your business and customer data against the current market for the product. When change is needed, Upp. automates these changes immediately.

Upp. is unique – we are not another reporting or analytics tool. You set your commercial targets (growth, profitability, revenue, user acquisition) and Upp. decision intelligence does the rest.  Automatically (and continuously) restructuring your Performance Max campaigns to drive the best performance for your entire inventory.

By using real-time data Upp. identifies trends before they occur and reacts to supply and demand intel’ immediately – maximising opportunities and minimising waste depending on current auction dynamics (not costly retrospectives).

Upp. can even establish the true break-even point of each SKU, allowing you to set iROAS (intelligent ROAS) targets that ensure you reach your goals.

In numbers:


data points analysed per day


actions taken on Google Shopping per week


Products (SKUs) optimised & managed by Upp


tailored insights on over/underperformance delivered each week

Decision intelligence

Retailers use the intelligence gained through their point of sale, to improve performance in their owned (and other) channels.

The insights we provide for retailers are impossible to gain without Upp.  Our powerful artificial intelligence (AI) gathers inventory data and structures inventory to achieve optimal performance, whilst modeling it by Machine Learning (ML) to predict accurate outcomes for enhanced commercial decision-making.

Upp’s decision intelligence is outcome-focused and our unique insights finally provide CMO’s and CFO’s with the complete commercial picture needed to justify decisions and improve business outcomes.

This allows our clients to make fast, accurate, consistent decisions which begin to improve the key levers of eCommerce:

• Advertising
• Pricing
• Promotions
• Delivery

In numbers:


increase in profitable revenue within 90 days


revenue generated


annual ad budget managed


32% increase in variety of products sold.

Transforming eCommerce

Upp. makes Google Shopping an effective channel for retailers.

To make intelligent e-tail decisions a retailer must:

• Be in control of all dynamic costs
• Have clarity on market conditions
• Be certain of commercial performance at all times

Upp. is unique in offering this.  With Upp. retailers are able to:

• Prioritise profitability
• Predict trends
• Consistently capitalize on demand when its there
• Ensure the reduction of wasted ad spend
• Understand both performance and underperformance
• Forecast with certainty

• Gain the clarity needed for commercial decision making

• Align financial and marketing goals

Upp. brings the visibility and insight to maximise digital marketing performance and provide transparency across Google Shopping.

Level Upp

Audit your own performance and unlock opportunity in your inventory – free.