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Before you spend 30 minutes with one of our Google Shopping experts, let's get you up to speed.

We've done extensive research across multiple industries, and frequently found that Google Shopping growth is limited by:

  • ROAS thresholds prevent up to 88% of products from being advertised
  • Top 10 - 15% of best seller receiving SKUs have negligible ad spend
  • 25 - 40% of ad spend is generating minimal revenue

But this doesn't have to be the case for you.

Upp blends 70+ business performance data points that identify how to best advertise each product every 15 minutes, and automatically reconfigures your Google Shopping campaign every 24 hours to maximise your Google Shopping growth.

So take 30 minutes to learn how Upp can scale your Google Shopping growth too. No obligation.

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What we have uncovered...


The top 15% of SKUs received negligible visibility


ROAS thresholds prevented 42% of SKUs from being advertised


88% of product advertised received
no visibility


Over 40% of ad spend generated zero revenue

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Green Sheep
Farm Drop