Audit your Google Shopping performance

Unlock opportunity
Stop leaving revenue on the table


Take the judgment out of retail performance

No more gut-feel or “best practices”, we take the gamble out of it. Our inventory intelligence is constantly monitoring the market, the auction dynamics and your product performance and will allocate Google Shopping investment accordingly. In real time, all the time.

You’re in the driving seat of your business and have complete visibility of your advertising investment and impact to the bottom line. We continuously evolve your campaigns, combining your inventory data from Shopify or Magento, with your Performance Max / Google Shopping data and applying our retail intelligence.


Inventory & campaign
Intelligence delivered

In this Google Shopping and inventory audit, Upp dissects the data and delivers informed insights based on your business goals, whilst also giving you full control and transparency across your retail performance.

Gain the tools that drive the outcomes you need, and insights to execute accurate forecasts.

Your audit will show you real opportunities to boost your retail performance.