Drew Smith, our CEO and co-founder, has been shortlisted as Solution Provider of the Year through his passion, skill and vision for tackling eCommerce profitability using AI and machine learning technology. 

This award recognises those who have demonstrated passion, skills, and world-class expertise in developing an AI technology or solution. 

Previous winners include IBM Watson, Responsible AI Institute, Blue Prism, Truist, and Darktrace to name a few. This year, we’ve been shortlisted alongside AI pioneers from Monolith AI, Blockchain, Thymia, ThrAIve, Kabuni, Yonah.AI and the EU Commission Projects.

Our nomination is based on Upp. outperforming all traditional methods for advertising on Google Shopping – achieving for our clients, on average, a 14% increase in ROAS, a 62% increase in transaction rate, a 48% increase in available budget spent, a 27% increase in revenue growth, and a 16% increase in new customer purchases.

Drew’s passion for using AI to solve real-world problems has been the driving force behind our technology. For the first time, retailers have the complete commercial picture needed to justify advertising decision-making and achieve new levels of business performance.

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