London, 27th September 2022 – To coincide with Technology for Marketing and eCommerce Expo 2022 (the leading UK event for the eCommerce industry), pioneers for retail decision intelligence Upp are launching a new performance marketing audit tool that will uncover issues and offer solutions based on business goals for retailers and eCommerce businesses. 

The world’s first decision intelligence software for retailers, Upp have designed the free audit to provide “customers the confidence to go into their Monday morning trade meetings with the information they need to answer on why they’ve had a good week or a poor week, and give them solutions they can implement as a business, or by using Upp.” in the words of Drew Smith, CEO and Co-founder at Upp.

The audit uses machine learning technology to connect previously disparate data sets – Google Shopping/ Performance Max plus inventory data and business goals.  The AI uncovers insights previously impossible to gain, which can be used to influence advertising and strategic business decisions. This could be identifying your best (and worst) performing SKUs, missed revenue, avoiding dead stock, and ensuring that your inventory gets the right exposure or calculating the return on your ad spend.

To help customers who feel trapped in a bidding war and exasperated by slow data analysis and ineffective campaigns leading to zero bottom-line revenue, Upp’s retail operating system underpinned by inventory intelligence enables brands and retailers to improve business outcomes by scaling and automating their retail performance.

Drew Smith, CEO and Co-founder at Upp commented:

“Upp exists solely to help online retailers and our free audit was built to help them successfully articulate how their advertising campaigns are performing. We want to give customers the confidence to go into their Monday morning trade meetings with the information they need to answer on why they’ve had a good week or if they’ve had a poor week, and give them solutions from Upp they can implement as a business”. 

The only decision intelligence operating system for retail trading, Upp enables online retailers and brands to both automate advertising decisions and drive better business results. It continuously adjusts online retail campaigns to meet the market conditions, competitor dynamics and auction intensity, whilst constantly analysing trends, and patterns which can change outcomes outside of performance marketing.  Customers are using their data to make changes in pricing, promotion, delivery, dead stock and other key areas which affect their bottom line.

Through carrying out data-led audits and analysing retailers’ performance across multiple industries, Upp frequently found that growth is limited for a number of reasons, including; minimal visibility of products advertised, advertising spend generating zero revenue and top SKUs receiving negligible visibility. However, once using Upp’s operating system, customers on average achieved 62% increase in the rate of their transactions. 48% increase in available budget spent, 27% increase in growth of revenues and 16% increase in new customer purchases.

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