As part of our thought-leadership programme: “Making eCommerce Profitable” we are holding an invitation-only event for retailers on 23rd May 2023 in our new London HQ to discuss harnessing technology to improve the Performance Max campaigns and easily grow your Google Shopping channel.

The need for harnessing retailers’ data

The lack of clarity on Performance Max campaigns is hampering the best efforts of PPC teams and the inability to control outcomes through Google Shopping makes it difficult to justify marketing decisions. Customer data only tells half the story – so using the data that is unique to the retailer is key to unlocking profitable sales on Google Shopping and allowing marketing specialists to step out of the “Black box” they currently work in, to focus on their strategy rather than operations.

Why Automation is key

Auction dynamics change every second of every day. As does the data that retailers have around every single product they advertise. Humans cannot analyse and aggregate the amount of data they need, for every SKU in their inventory, as fast as they need, to capitalise on demand when it’s there (and reduce waste when it’s not). The advances of AI offer retailers an opportunity they haven’t had until now: let the machines do this “heavy lifting”, in order to become more effective and scale Google Shopping and use the data-driven insights from the point of sale, to improve their marketing performance.

Event Details

Industry experts and retail leaders are invited to take part in this Breakfast Meeting on 23rd May 2023 at Upp’s HQ in London, from 9:30am. Our CEO, Drew Smith will lift the lid on how AI and automation are improving Performance Max campaigns compared to every traditional method. Ben White – innovator, investor, and founder of multi-million dollar businesses will chair questions on the opportunity he sees in online retail, and there will be time to chat with like-minded retailers, data scientists and Google experts about their ideas and experiences with Google Shopping over breakfast.

The event promises to be a highly useful morning of collaboration with like-minded leaders, for online retailers and brands. Tickets are limited, as we are keen to ensure we have an informal event that invites true collaboration and thought leadership.

Let’s make eCommerce profitable…