Upp was delighted to be shortlisted for the Best eCommerce Innovation Award 2022 by UK eCommerce Awards and featured on their blog talking about how Upp’s decision intelligence technology is what ever retailer needs to be commercially successful in this market.

Read an excerpt below:

Performance marketing that boosts business performance

Upp is the first to build an ad optimisation platform which is centred around a retailer’s inventory data and creates individual product or SKU-level campaigns. This gives retailers the opportunity to capitalise on demand spikes automatically, and for their inventory to be advertised as effectively as possible.  By connecting first-party inventory data (stock) with Google consumer data (demand) and business intel, Upp not only improves sales where it matters but also helps prevent overstock and wastage.

Drew Smith, CEO at Upp commented “Upp is on the side of retailers, always. We’ve worked extremely hard to develop the most powerful and effective AI on the market and are thrilled to be shortlisted for the Best eCommerce Innovation Award. We’ve seen retailers achieve hugely successful results within just weeks of using Upp, by putting inventory intelligence at the nucleus of their commercial decision-making. I’m extremely proud of the talented team of talent we’ve built and there’s lots more to come from Upp in the coming months.”

Read the full article over on UK eCommerce Awards 2022.

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