Upp.ai – a London-based technology business that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to massively improve how brands and retailers market and sell their products online, has strengthened its leadership team with the appointment of industry expert Steve Warrington as SVP of Client and Industry Engagement.

Upp.ai analyses data using sophisticated AI and ML technology to optimise ad spend, improve product discovery, and increase eCommerce sales. The platform currently transforms and automates Google Ads management and has already helped retailers achieve significant increases in both revenue and ROI within days of being activated on an account.

Steve brings a wealth of industry experience to Upp.ai having spent 13 years working with major retailers including Wickes, Hackett, Dreams and most recently B&Q, where he was responsible for all performance media channels for nearly 5 years.  Then using his wealth of first hand client side experience he moved to Jellyfish, one of the world’s leading Digital agencies, where he spent six years advising the largest retailers on their eComm adverts strategy in his role as Global VP of eCommerce and Retail.

Warrington acknowledges, ”I’ve been working in retail for over 20 years and I’ve seen it evolve and go through significant changes, from offline being the mainstay of go-to market strategies to retailers moving into ecommerce for the first time and building teams around this new sales channel, to the pressures that ecommerce in general has brought about in the retail sector – I’ve lived through its ‘formative years’ and I’m passionate about retail and ecommerce.

For me the industry is now at another massive inflection point, which is all about the marrying of data science, AI, engineering and technology.  The main ad platforms that are ‘go-to’ destinations for customer research and purchasing are making auction decisions based on complex algorithms that combine numerous data points around bid, product, service, company, customer experience, the list goes on. The normal agency model which relies on human input and expertise, occasionally combined with limited point technology solutions, simply cannot deal with the volume of data that needs to be absorbed, processed and acted upon in realtime to maximise retailers return on their massive e-commerce advertising investment.  That’s why I have joined Upp.ai, as soon as I began to understand the breadth and depth of the capabilities of the Upp.ai platform I just knew that I had to be involved with the next wave of capability in the space I’ve spent my whole career in.

Today, Upp.ai would be first on my list of things to deploy – not just platitudes – I’ve seen the results that Upp.ai delivers, witnessing where the platform is going and how sophisticated it is, so it should be key to any retailer’s arsenal.”

To remain relevant and valuable to their clients in this era of data and digital media dominance, the majority of agencies have had to radically transform. It’s not just about adapting to digital media anymore; it’s about embracing the pervasive force of AI and I see no better example of AI harnessing advancements to drive real commercial value for clients, than Upp.ai”

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About Upp.ai

Upp.ai is a London-based startup that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to automate online product advertising, streamlining multi-channel campaign deployment. 

The platform empowers digital marketing professionals with a scientific, data-driven approach to paid activation, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising. Resulting in optimised ad spend, improved product discovery and increased sales. 

Upp.ai was founded in 2019 by Ben White and Drew Smith and works with brands such as Charles Tyrwhitt, the Safety Supply Company and Roman Originals.

For more information on Upp.ai visit www.upp.ai