Co-founder and CEO Drew Smith tells Business Age what drove him to build the AI to solve retail’s biggest headache

Our co-founder and CEO Drew Smith was recently interviewed by one of the leading sites for entrepreneurs and revolutionary business thinkers.

Here’s Drew’s lowdown on what the Upp.’s biggest strength is (credit: Business Age)

“Online retailers currently see profit shrink from around 60% gross to 5% net. We’re on a mission to tackle this and reduce the total cost of operations for retailers.

We are the only Google Shopping solution that fully understands retailers’ businesses and our AI/ML technology intelligently analyses product data at SKU level, for brands and retailers to scale Google Shopping growth, automatically.

We intelligently automate marketing decisions in real-time for retailers based on auction dynamics, finally allowing retailers to capture demand when it’s there and stop leaving revenue on the table. 

And our responsiveness also means that we reduce wasted ad spend – not something that can be done with traditional methods.”

Read the full article over on Business Age.