Performance Max Campaigns are going to replace Google Smart Shopping completely by the end of Q3 2022. This mandatory upgrade brings in next-generation technology to help online retailers hit their sales goals even in a saturated market. 

This new rollout has caused much stir among online retailers as many are worried about the perceived loss of control over Google Shopping Campaigns and how this will affect their business. Upp brings this control back to online retailers.

To date, every upgrade to GS has been the right step forward – but each one had something missing. Google Shopping Standard had full SKU-level control but was tricky to manage manually. Google Smart Shopping used automation efficiently but at the cost of fewer insights and reduced control. Performance Max campaigns build on automation and audience segmentation while unifying consumers’ Google Ads experience – but it doesn’t consider all the data points of the retailer and lack of visibility is still the primary concern.  

There’s no denying the fact that Google Smart Shopping and Performance Max Campaigns encapsulate the greatest advantages of the latest technology. So, competing with it or going against it is never the solution. Upp works in accordance with these robust platforms, helping to take the performance of these applications to the next level.        

So, if you have been concerned about how to ride the tide and make the best use of the latest GS upgrade, Upp’s robust AI platform is the solution you need. In this article, we will take a deeper dive into how Upp streamlines processes and unlocks hidden opportunities for your business. 

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Upp enables greater Google Shopping management, control and transparency

Online retailers often perceive the Google Shopping platform as a black box because of the limited understanding of how it actually works. Limited visibility to data makes it difficult to plan a robust Google Shopping strategy and often forces retailers to depend on Google’s machine learning and AI. 

According to our studies, ROAS thresholds prevent 42% of SKUs from being advertised. This is a result of limited clarity on product-wise performance and the lack of a proper strategy — the retailers lack sufficient information to design a winning plan. Upp bridges this gap with its powerful data-driven insights, transparency, and automation that offers complete clarity to your Google Shopping Campaigns.

Online retailers are not fully aware of the benefits of using advanced software to level up their Google Shopping campaigns, they predominantly rely on paid media agencies. However, Upp takes GS management to a whole new level helping you to maximise ROI and grow with ease whilst giving control and transparency in terms of setting success targets that matters to you and insights into product performance. Compared to other available stand-alone tools offering similar services, Upp stands out with its AI-powered, connected ecosystem that complements Google’s new technology. 

Upp reviews your campaign structures on a same-day basis, automating improvements whilst keeping users connected to regular performance updates with ease. Upp provides a single platform with automation and transparency features to make Google Shopping management hassle-free. 

You can view the performance and manage targets of your Google Shopping Campaigns directly from the Product Performance Management dashboard. From trending products to weekly performance reports — you can access everything right from within Upp through its comprehensive dashboard. Easy management helps you to save time on administration so that you can focus more on insights to devise the best strategy.   

AI and automation are essential

AI and machine learning work at the core of the Upp platform, delivering complete automation along with maximum flexibility. It provides an integrated and powerful, single-window platform to manage and control your Google Shopping campaigns more efficiently helping you to reach more customers, increase sales, and build brand value. 

The platform gives you complete freedom to set the strategy because you know your business best and it takes care of everything else with the help of AI and automation. Upp’s always-on solution automatically optimises and scales your Google Shopping campaigns 24/7. 

The platform automates the structuring of your products according to the performance data and includes the right products in your Google Shopping Campaigns, helping you to achieve the best conversion value. It also helps to maximise budget spending – meeting ROAS and margin targets, which improves the conversion rate for your products.   

Upp helps you to decide your target and reach there. It takes care of all the complicated grunt work that even an agency can’t complete efficiently without the help of an advanced platform like Upp and leaves you free from decision-making. 

If you are considering partnering with an agency to manage your Google Shopping Campaigns, you should know that any agency or manual team can’t derive insights to your campaigns at the level of detail and as fast as Upp does. Upp helps you to make positive, impactful campaign decisions quickly.    New call-to-action

The power of unlocked data and insights

Upp brings a data-driven approach to Google Shopping along with thorough visibility — which is otherwise missing from Google Shopping and even upcoming Performance Max Campaigns. Upp gives real-time performance updates along with detailed insights and analysis for complete clarity on what is the reason behind the surges or drops in your performance so that you can set your goals and plan a data-driven strategy that works best for your brand. 

Working with Google’s technology, the level of data analysis and insights offered by Upp set it apart from any other Google Shopping tool in the market. Detailed, SKU-level insights are used to improve campaign structures, optimising them for better results. 

A winning feature that sets Upp apart from the rest is that it uses more than just conversion data to calculate campaign structures. Upp cross-references products with sales data from a variety of sales channels (social media, direct sales, etc.) with more than 70 external data points to determine actual product performance for every SKU and updates your Google Shopping Campaigns accordingly. 

Upp uses this product performance data to calculate how much of your budget should be allocated to each SKU to maximise ROI. Upp integrates its user’s datasets with the business data points via Google Ads API, Merchant Centre API, Product data API and Upp’s Order API for the data of your live order to deliver insights that bring complete clarity and help you to make the right decisions.

The machine learning-enabled platform also provides accurate trend analysis for better market forecasting so that you are always ahead of your competitors. The Product Performance Management dashboard not only provides complete visibility to your Google Shopping Campaigns in a simplified, easy-to-understand format but also supports features like top-performing and least performing products to give you better insights for inventory management, promotions, ROAS, and spend target adjustments.       

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Upp is unlike any other solution

For every eCommerce business, optimising their Google Shopping Campaigns is a must — but the lack of visibility is a common point of concern for online retailers. Upp enhances the capability of Google Shopping by providing complete visibility and in-depth data analysis from all data points so that campaigns are better optimised to meet or surpass devised goals. 

Upp’s AI-driven intuitive platform remains the optimal choice as a third-party resource because of its absolute technical superiority that helps online retailers save resources and make better decisions faster. If Google Shopping is a black box to you, it’s time to unravel its potential with the help of Upp and enjoy the plethora of benefits it can offer your business.

Businesses using Upp have recorded more than a 62% increase in the rate of transactions and over 27% increase in growth of revenue per client. The platform is already managing more than £17m ad budget and is the most dependable partner to drive growth for your business. To know more about how Upp can take your Google Shopping processes forward, get in touch for a free consultation today.

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