Co-founder and CEO Drew talks AI and automation with PYMNTS

Our co-founder and CEO Drew Smith was recently interviewed by global news outlet to talk all things AI and automation in retail.

Here’s a snippet from the article (credit:

“Many PPC managers find themselves spending an immense amount of time on mundane responsibilities such as campaign creation, asset management, budget evaluation, and robot targeting,” Smith said. UPP recognizes that these duties are not the true motivation behind why these individuals wake up in the morning. However, they understand the necessity to manage these aspects effectively. 

With that in mind, UPP is designed to automate the repetitive tasks that PPC managers typically handle on Google, including campaign creation, asset management, budget allocation, and product grouping. Through UPP automation, Smith said these tasks get accomplished faster and “with greater intelligence and precision” as it has the ability to process an immense amount of data, “approximately 7.2 trillion bits per day, capturing around 250 data points for each product within a Google campaign.” 

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