We’re always looking for ways to make Upp. more effective and more powerful for Google Shopping.  So we’re delighted to announce that Performance Max Channel Split is Upp’s newest development.  No more wondering where your Google Ad spend is most effective, Upp.AI can now see the detailed breakdowns across shopping, search, and video that you’ve been missing.

In a Performance Max campaign, Google’s machine learning technology automatically optimises the allocation of your budget to the different channels based on the performance data and your goals. The idea is to achieve the best possible results across all channels, rather than focusing on optimising performance within each individual channel separately.

Understanding the channel weighting within a Performance Max campaign can be important, because it allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of each channel in driving conversions and achieving campaign goals. Having detailed information on your Google Shopping channel split makes it much easier to understand how channel weighting affects performance – and enables you to plan effective strategies that make the most of each channel’s features, and increase your reach and engagement with your target audience.

We listened to your frustrations that Performance Max doesn’t provide this – so now we are able to do this for you.

There’s been a lot of discussion in the PPC world about how to collect this info – with complicated scripts and additional solutions, but with Upp. there’s no need for all that.

Not all accounts are eligible for this right now, so talk to your customer success manager if you would like to see your channel split. And we are already working on how we can make this feature available in your live dashboard in the future.

Innovations like this are central to Upp’s mission, to continue transforming eCommerce for retailers and make Google Shopping a success. Upp. gives you a more complete picture of your performance, enabling you to make more informed, strategic decisions – whilst we intelligently automate campaign decisions for you.

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