To grow your online retail business and achieve the best revenue and profit possible, it’s crucial to ensure your marketing strategy is aligned with your business goals. The real stumbling block to getting this right is failing to break down the granular outcomes you need to achieve your overarching objectives.

A platform like Upp is here to help. The intuitive Margin Hub will transform your Google Shopping campaigns and help you optimise them, alongside this article: How to optimise Google Shopping campaigns. In turn, you’ll reach the outcomes needed for success.

The sole purpose of a tool like Upp is to ensure that all businesses generate revenue growth and improve their profit from their Google Shopping campaigns. All decisions you make should drive alignment between your marketing budget spending and your revenue and profit objectives.

This is more essential today than ever. When SKU level performance is properly analysed, on average 35% of retailers’ products are making a loss. Their campaigns aren’t effectively set up, resulting in overspend and underspend across their inventory. Upp goes beyond just looking at ROAS to measure success, which opens the door to more possibilities and, ultimately, more business success.


Outcome #1: Gain full visibility of SKU level performance

If you overlook the importance of visibility, you’re doing your business a huge disservice. Full visibility over data at SKU level will show you which products are in negative margin. This gives you the opportunity to change that, which is critical for ensuring successful business performance.

SKU level margin performance data will equip you with the ability to make informed and strategic decisions aligned around profitability goals.

How Upp can help: Access your product performance data

View SKU level performance:

Upp allows you to determine how each product is performing within your Google Shopping ad campaigns, ensuring they’re operating at optimum performance 24/7.

Upp’s Margin Hub shows you the SKU level data that Google doesn’t reveal, which is necessary for accomplishing profitable Google Shopping campaigns.

Gain granular detail:

SKU level visibility creates granular detail that shows whether your ads are performing well or not at a product level. Using Margin Hub means you don’t have to worry about losing track of campaign performance. It monitors your SKU levels and campaign structures to guarantee that every SKU performs at its highest.

Unlock optimised marketing:

Having full SKU performance transparency maximises your growth and margin by getting the best out of your marketing spend. All you have to do is set your revenue and profit goals, input your budget and the platform will work to help spend that budget according to your objectives.

Outcome #2: Effectively assign ad spend

Assigning ad spend correctly makes all the difference to Google Shopping campaign success. Taking your eyes off your ad spending risks operating at a loss due to negative margin — and this is essential to get right.

If you don’t channel your budget into the right places, you’ll miss out on important opportunities that could be profitable. It can be difficult to spot the opportunities to turn underspending into profit, especially when your time is caught up with the nitty gritty of Google Shopping. That’s where a tool like Upp comes in.

How Upp can help: Receive insight on campaign overspend and underspend

Upgrade visibility:

Upp can assist you in discovering where your spend is ineffectively utilised. It determines how campaigns, individual products and category lines are performing — something that’s difficult to manually assess, especially with multiple campaigns running simultaneously.

Determine optimum spend:

Upp’s Margin Hub uniquely uncovers the optimum spend across your marketing campaigns based on your net margin performance. This enables you to adjust campaigns to your business requirements and ultimately helps you run profitable campaigns.

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Outcome #3: Reach business objectives

Want to see your business become more profitable? Want to improve revenue growth? It’s a no-brainer!

It’s all about focusing on your business goals — after all, success for one business could mean something completely different to yours. But no matter your goals, gaining strategic clarity and aligning your marketing spend with your company objectives will help you move your business goals forward at full speed. You’re looking at maximum profits and upgraded growth.

How Upp can help: Align your campaigns to business goals

Improve direction:

A tool like Upp will ensure all campaigns are working towards a specific business goal, like reaching a certain amount of revenue or margin, or both.

Automate strategies:

Upp pulls in your data and combines it with your overarching goals. It’s intelligent machine learning automatically analyses this data and then deploys unique and strategic bidding designed especially to your requirements.

Relieve budget pressure and justification:

Upp allows your business to clearly demonstrate your teams contribution to revenue and profit growth. So when you’re justifying your budgets to stakeholders, you can show them the clear impact of your campaign actions.

Maximise profits:

All of these benefits will ensure that you’re grasping margin performance on both a granular and comprehensive level.

Outcome #4: Optimise your campaigns with ease

Optimising your campaigns effortlessly is vital. Manual Google Shopping adjustments are massively time-consuming — but we don’t need to tell you that.

We can shed some light on the ways you can free up time by streamlining how you run your campaigns. Not only will it make your team more efficient, but it will help you achieve the best results.

How Upp can help: Automate your daily campaign checks and tweaks

Reduce the heavy lifting:

Upp removes the hassle of managing and adjusting campaigns. The Margin Hub gathers data, works to your business objectives, and actions the changes automatically.

Free up time:

Tasks like bid assessments and updates are automated with Upp. Your team can then spend more time focusing on other aspects of your marketing strategy, worry-free.

Upp ensures business success

Without the assistance of a tool like Upp, retailers run the risk of depleted profits, negative margin and wasting precious time.

In a world where online retail is becoming increasingly competitive, investing in a tool that will revolutionise your business outcomes and help improve profitability across your Google Shopping campaigns is essential. If you’d like an example, read our case study on Farmdrop, where using Upp enabled them to double product visibility and customer acquisition.

Upp Can Help Your Business to Excel

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