Upp Is Automating Google Shopping and Performance Max Management and Growth

The most enduring avenue through which online retailers have been able to address this growing demand and compete in the online marketplace is through Google Shopping. The platform takes the wide-ranging reach of its search engine — which ranks amongst the top digital marketing platforms and, until recently, the number one visited domain — and combines it with the growing demands of online retailers and customers to cater to all relevant needs. However, while Google Shopping remains to be an essential channel for retailers, it is often underutilised and benefits are quickly diminished resulting in reduced Return on Investment (RoI) and inability to scale. 

The inevitability of Performance Max being rolled out across any and all Google Smart Shopping campaigns has understandably also caused unease for online retailers. Many have not even made the shift to Smart Shopping. With the limited insights that have been historically provided by Google, there is now the concern that online retailers will lose control and transparency of their campaigns altogether as well.

Download the blueprint for next level Google Shopping and Performance Max Management

With that being said, Performance Max does represent a step in the right direction for Google Shopping and online retailers alike. However, in order to create and execute data-driven growth along with Performance Max, online retailers need highly-detailed insights into their business that can back up their strategies.

The key to offsetting these gaps in creating an effective strategy is by aiming for a holistic process that incorporates not only Google data but enriches it with your product and business performance data to draw the insights needed.

Upp, the Connected Retail Performance platform, automates your Google Shopping and Performance Max growth through a data-led approach powered by cutting edge AI and Machine Learning technology. Working with Google’s latest technology — not against it — to perform efficient analysis on vast amounts of your product data and automatically execute recommendations 24/7 based on your goals such as ROAS, Ad Spend, and CPA before you can take your Google Shopping management to the next level.

Upp does this by using data and AI/Machine Learning to resolve common challenges of Google Shopping:

  1. Poor product visibility across your entire inventory
  2. Inability to integrate with key data sources, in particular, your business and product performance data
  3. No continuous campaign optimisation through data and performance analysis at the SKU level

Drew Smith, CEO at Upp, says: “Our customers typically see on average increases of 62% in the rate of transactions, 27% in growth of revenues and 16% in new customer purchases, whilst maintaining ROAS targets, within their first 12 weeks. 

Around customers’ control and transparency concerns, Drew says: “We alleviate customers’ concerns and maximise control and transparency by running campaigns at item ID level. Customers can view, monitor and change CPA/ROAS/Spend targets through our live dashboard and receive weekly performance reporting.”

Download the blueprint for next level Google Shopping and Performance Max Management