“No thanks, we’ve already got a digital agency managing our Google Shopping!”

We hear that one a lot.

Instead, ask yourself, “is my digital agency maximising the performance of our Google Shopping?”.

We suspect the answer to this question might be a mix between, “not sure”, and “yea, we’re happy enough with the results”.

But we bet you can’t say with confidence a resounding yes.

What challenges do digital agencies face with Google Shopping today?

Whilst agencies have great in-house Google experts, and often do a great job of optimising your account with the data that Google makes available to them, but, that is also the part of the challenge —

  • Using Google data alone doesn’t tell you how well optimised your ads are.
  • Using people to manage an account is limited by hours spent on your account, and depth of expertise.

Even the best strategies agencies set rely on leaving Google untouched for weeks, or worse months, at a time before reviewing its effectiveness. However, there is a way to reduce this feedback cycle… by combining your retail performance data with your Google ads data.

With Upp You Get a Complete Overview of Your Campaigns

Book your Free Audit to combine your retail performance data with your Google ads data for unparalleled insight!

Digital marketing agencies are also often data-led and they tend to be rife with industry-experts that can advise you on how to optimise your Google Shopping performance. But, they often only have access to Google’s data, which results in a limited overview of your campaign. There is so much more to consider than just Google’s ecosystem, which is mostly customer-centric — the retail data is equally vital to efficient performance — from warehouse inventory, to return rates on specific products. Agencies can fall short as they don’t necessarily have access to the wider datasets that inform your overall Google Shopping performance.

Understanding the relationship between your ads, and business performance enables you to accurately allocate ad spend. It tells you which products perform badly, and which products are being ignored. It tells you which products win new customers, and which ones win them back. Powerful stuff!

However, unfortunately, this isn’t easily solved with just a few spreadsheets and a bit of know-how. Combining these data sets is a giant data challenge. You’ve then got to work out how to make sense of it, and constantly review the results from changes made to ensure that the account is still improving.

You can see then, whilst you might be pleased with your agencies efforts, limited by 9 till 5 and without understanding ads impact on business performance, you’re always going to be missing out on maximising your Google Shopping account’s performance.

How does Upp align with your digital agency:

An AI neural network solution, capable of blending large datasets and automatically identifying pattern opportunities 24/7, not visible to the human eye.

Our solution empowers your agency to focus on a strategic approach to managing your account, rather than attempting to optimise performance based on “best practices”.

And our results speak for themselves. Clients whose accounts were previously managed solely by a digital agency, are now benefiting from 33% in total revenue increase, visibility of products up to 93%, and CPA down 18%. To learn more, read an example of Upp enabling a client to double their product visibility and sustainably grow customer acquisition, in our case study on Farmdrop.

If you’d like to understand whether Upp could help you and your agency to focus on Google Shopping strategy, then please book your intro call today!

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