What Does Performance Max Mean For Retailers?

Performance max

While Google Shopping plays a fundamental role in the operations of all online retailers, it can be difficult to maintain and optimise the results it provides. As such, it ultimately delivers limited campaign success. Google themselves recognised these limits and attempted to upgrade with the introduction of Smart Shopping, which still uses solely Google data,…

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Maximise your revenue potential during low seasons too

Predictable demand patterns and buying trends It is quite clear the buying and demand pattern of certain products is based on seasonality.  We took a deeper dive on this in one sector where the trend is quite predictable: toys.  Firstly, we analyzed data from Google Shopping trends, looking at Toys as a search term. The…

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How can Upp boost your agency’s Google Shopping performance

“No thanks, we’ve already got a digital agency managing our Google Shopping!” We hear that one a lot. Instead, ask yourself, “is my digital agency maximising the performance of our Google Shopping?”. We suspect the answer to this question might be a mix between, “not sure”, and “yea, we’re happy enough with the results”. But…

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How retailers can enhance their online performance in 3 steps

More people are shopping from their homes than ever before (in fact, some for the first time). Needless to say, it’s highlighted the importance of being online as a retailer, especially for those who have never prioritised it before. That means retailers need to enhance their online performance in the right ways, with a focus…

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PPC Agency Landing Page

Discover why Google Shopping and Performance Max management needs AI, not an agency The Proven Upp-side Upp’s connected retail performance platform delivers what PPC agencies and even Google Shopping management platforms in the market fail to offer. This includes: Working with Google’s latest technology to enhance and enrich it with your business and product performance…

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Profit margin improvements in an inflationary environment

profit margin increase

Sustained inflationary pressures Online retailers and brands are under immense pressure due to the impact of inflation on consumers, with the British Retail Consortium showing like-for-like sales in May 2022 declining 1.5% year on year. In our previous blog, we looked in some detail at the inflationary environment and key things retailers are already doing. …

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Spend more Wisely – With a PPC Agency or Without

Person with head in hands

The mandatory rollout of Performance Max campaigns (PMC) has placed online retailers in a tight spot over a perceived loss of control over their Google Shopping campaigns. To rectify this unease, many are considering taking up third-party solutions or placing all their bets on their PPC agency or team. There is however a better way…

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