Intelligent Margin Hub aligns retail business objectives with Google Shopping to provide strategic clarity that drives profitability.

Margin Hub is an easy-to-use, intelligence-led solution that gives retailers a complete view of their Google Shopping performance at SKU level. Using automation, Margin Hub provides efficiencies, insights, and actions across campaigns whilst still providing retailers strategic control to ensure that campaign performance is maximised and revenue and profit targets are aligned.

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Retailers often determine success using incomplete metrics, like ROAS, that only provide part of the bigger picture. With a tool like Intelligent Margin Hub, retailers are able to see the SKU level data necessary to execute profitable Google Shopping campaigns — data that Google alone doesn’t show you. 

On Margin Hub, retailers are able to merge their marketing data with operational performance data to drive strategic decision-making and accelerate growth.

Use SKU level margin performance data to drive informed decision-making

Google Shopping doesn’t provide the full picture of your campaign performance, that’s where Margin Hub comes in. It pulls the necessary data from the Google Merchant Feed and Google Ads to give you your campaign performance at SKU level.

Then, armed with a complete view of product data, you can see your Google Shopping margin performance and set your strategy. Margin Hub uses automation to take the legwork out of adjusting campaigns, bids, and budget tweaks in order to increase campaign profitability — ensuring you meet your goals whilst maintaining complete strategic control.

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retail ecosystem

Gain a complete picture of your entire retail ecosystem

Understanding your operational costs is as important as keeping track of your profitability when running a retail business. Margin Hub provides data from across your retail ecosystem, from your revenue to return rates, cost of goods, and stock levels.

Having the complete picture around your data means you can fully grasp your Margin performance. You can set your strategy and Margin Hub will automate the process to ensure your campaigns align with your objectives.

Automate your strategic bidding to increase campaign efficiency

Margin Hub provides control of your Google campaign performance by viewing what’s in your inventory and setting a strategy centered around your targets. Margin Hub will then action those changes automatically. Rather than having to A/B test what works, your bid updates will be based on your business goals.

The platform combines your overarching goals and uses some clever machine learning to automate your strategic bidding at the click of a button so that you don’t have to relinquish control of your strategy.

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Manage your Google Shopping campaigns easily and efficiently

Juggling multiple Google Shopping campaigns (especially at SKU level) can be difficult. Using Margin Hub means you don’t have to worry about losing track of your campaigns and how they’re performing. Margin Hub automates the granular day-to-day aspects of your Google campaigns and creates space for you to manage multiple campaigns at the same time.

Drive alignment between marketing spend and your business goals

Assessing and allocating budgets within your Google Shopping campaigns can often be a daily task — take your eye off it and you could quickly be operating at a loss. It’s also difficult to spot where there are opportunities to turn underspending into profit.

Margin Hub determines the optimum spend across your marketing campaigns based on your net margin performance. Margin Hub then uncovers underspend on top-performing products and overspend on underperformers and automatically adjusts these to ensure that campaigns are always performing at the optimal level and that your marketing budget is being spent efficiently. 

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actions and alerts

Actions and alerts aligned to your revenue and margin targets

With Margin Hub, you can rest assured that your Google Shopping campaigns are running smoothly and effectively. The platform will alert you to any important updates, like going over budget or a bid tweak that could improve the performance of a campaign. You can then action those intelligent alerts within the platform, quickly and efficiently, in order to get the results your business needs.

Three easy steps to achieve optimal results

First, connect your ecosystem into Upp, and set your strategy and goal objectives

Next, Upp will monitor your SKU level performance, automate the structures of your campaigns and bids, ensuring every SKU achieves optimum performance

You’ll then have full visibility of the bigger picture as well as total strategic control over your performance

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