The only data-led platform that automates Google Shopping growth and management

Targets that matter to you: more revenue (growth), more profit (ROAS), and more new customers (CPA)

Set Your Targets

Get real-time performance updates and clarity on what is behind the improvements, or dips, in your account. 

Objectives are interlinked so see how the adjustment of one objective has a ripple effect on others:

  • Your Ad Budget adjustments affect conversion rate, CPA and revenue
  • Your ROAS adjustments affect Ad Budget allocation, CPA, and revenue
  • Your actual sales transactions influence the allocation of Ad Budget and drive product visibility at the SKU level
Targets that matter to you: more revenue (growth), more profit (ROAS), and more new customers (CPA)

Your environment is constantly changing with new data, targets and trends

Always Learning and Automating

Using the latest data from your performance, Upp runs real-time forecast models, recalculates and executes improvements 24/7 to meet your set targets:

  • Visibility of your entire inventory range is maximised
  • ROAS targets are maintained/achieved
  • Reduce overspending and understanding of your products at the SKU level
Your environment is constantly changing with new data, targets and trends

Never lose control and sight of what matters

You pull the levers


Your dashboard is your control centre and is available to you 24/7. You’ll see the latest relevant data-driven insights and metrics so you know exactly what’s impacting your account performance.

  • Dashboard with a summary of metrics that matter to you
  • Set and change your success parameters/targets
  • See your changes as well as the automated improvements and optimisations Upp is doing to achieve your desired targets
  • Filter and analyse historical data to inform decision making
  • Top and bottom trending products that impact your target the most
  • Scheduled weekly reporting of your performance straight to your inbox
Never lose control and sight of what matters

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The Upp-side environment for retailers to thrive


automated data update, mining and analysis


automated optimisation and improvement


to your inputs

Always learning your environment

Upp refreshes performance data every 15 minutes and learns about your performance and environment at the SKU level.

It will catch changes in consumer behaviour, trends, inventory, targets, and more to inform optimisation and improvement decisions.

Always automating your performance

Upp uses the insights, trends and forecasts from your real-time data. 

This data is used to review your campaign
and product structure and optimise them based on your set targets at the SKU level.

Always adapting to you

Upp takes your inputs, for example when you increase your ROAS target, enriches it with your real-time performance data.

It then automatically optimises your product and campaign structure to achieve your new target across your entire inventory.


real-time reporting of your performance


management of your account


performance reports every week

Your 24/7 control centre

The dashboard is your control centre and is available to you 24/7 filled with insights and metrics that matter to you.

Focus on your core activities

Upp is always learning, automating and adapting to your environment.

This means there is limited intervention from your side and you can focus on your core activities knowing Upp is constantly improving and optimising your performance.

Insights when it matters the most

Upp sends you performance reports based on your target achievements and trending products that impact them.

Use them to quickly keep up to date and inform decision making for other core activities.

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