The data-driven approach to Google Shopping

By combining Google’s Ads data with product performance data, Upp has the ability to expand the range of your inventory sold with campaigns optimised by current product performance, not just category.

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Set your Goals

The key to success on Google Shopping is a robust strategy and evaluation of that strategy. 

Is your primary goal - new customer acquisition, increasing ROAS, or better product visibility across your inventory? Upp gives you real-time performance updates and clarity on what is behind the improvements, or dips, in your account. 

  • How budget adjustments impact ROI
  • How objectives, like ROAS, shape brand awareness
  • How inventory drives customer acquisition, and at what cost
Evaluate your Strategy

Effective Automation

Upp’s neural network identifies and actions account improvements every 24 hours.


AI Neural




Semi Supervised
Machine Learning

Forecasting and automation is key.

Using real-time forecast models, Upp recalculates and actions every 24 hours which campaigns your products should be in to capitalise on your chosen strategy, always ensuring:

  • Visibility of inventory range is maximised
  • ROAS targets are maintained / achieved
  •  Budget is not wasted on poor performing products

Optimal Campaign Performance

Campaigns split by product performance, not category.

Campaigns structured around performance.

Google doesn’t always know which are your best performing products. Upp solves this, blending up to

15x data points about your business to determine campaign structure split by performance, thereby educating Google on which products to push most, to effectively scale your account.

Upp reviews and restructures your campaigns every 24 hours, to make sure a growth opportunity is never missed.


Transparent Automation

We never take the control out of your hands.

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Never lose sight of your progress.

With access to our insights dashboard, you’ll be faced with all relevant data and metrics so you know exactly what’s impacting your account performance.

In your dashboard you can change your budget or target at any time and Upp will optimise accordingly. Providing you with complete control and transparency.

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A Connected Ecosystem - Upp gives you control.

You set the strategy. Upp takes care of the rest — our platform will…


Review your campaign
structure every 24 hours


Keep you connected with
improvement updates twice a week


Adapt to any changes or additions made by you, at any time


Effectively produce real time
reporting on your campaign


Accurately undertake
forecasting and trend analysis


Deploy programmatic
account management

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