The data-driven approach to Google Shopping

By combining forecasting with real time market updates, Upp has the ability to continuously optimise your campaigns intelligently.

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Evaluate your Strategy

Your Google Shopping campaign strategy is vital and the way you evaluate that strategy is imperative too. Upp gives you real-time market updates and the capacity to understand what impact campaigns have on your business strategy.

  • How budget adjustments impact ROI
  • How objectives, like ROAS, shape brand awareness
  • How inventory drives customer acquisition, and at what cost
Evaluate your Strategy

Effective Automation


AI Neural





Semi Supervised

Machine Learning

Automation is key. Upp’s platform
 deploys three types of AI technology.

Upp’s platform will allow you to make sense in real time of vast data sets, whilst dismantling data silos. Through our technologies we can produce real-time forecast models of your Google Shopping campaign — meaning you can take a data-driven approach to strategising, planning, and executing your paid media campaigns.

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A Connected Ecosystem - Upp gives you control.

You set the strategy and choose how you want to measure performance. Upp takes care of the rest — our platform will…


Review your campaign
structure every 24 hours


Keep you connected with
improvement updates twice a week


Adapt to any changes or additions made by you, at any time


Effectively produce real time
reporting on your campaign


Accurately undertake
forecasting and trend analysis


Deploy programmatic
account management

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