Prioritise your key metrics for Google Shopping success!

Together, let’s delve into your Google Shopping campaigns to uncover which metrics will realise your wider business goals.

What will you gain from this audit?

Every Google retailer is operating in a black box where Google Shopping has limited access to your business data. There is automation happening that isn't aligned with your business goals and thanks to this disconnect, retailers experience a limited capacity to influence their Google Shopping campaigns in line with wider business goals and metrics.

Upp was designed to transform your marketing campaigns by understanding your Google Shopping performance in line with your business data and making recommendations to ensure campaigns are achieving the best results based on your key metrics and objectives.

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The only AI-driven Google Shopping platform that understands your business, Upp delivers unparalleled analysis and insight into your Google Shopping performance.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The metrics you should be focusing on based on your business goals and that are a true reflection of your performance
  • How your critical Google Shopping metrics are performing today in line
  • Missed opportunities to increase profitability and visibility of key products


The top 15% of SKUs received neglible visibility


Roas thresholds prevented 42% of SKUs from being advertised


88% of product advertise received
no visibility


Over 40% of ad spend generated 0 revenue

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These companies got value from our audits:

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