The only data-led Google Shopping audit that tells you what’s going on under the hood

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Data-led Audit Overview

Upp’s data-led audit redefines the way Google Shopping audits are done across the e-commerce industry.

Bringing together Google data with your product and business performance data to unlock opportunities to grow your business and achieve your desired targets.

Always data-led

With our audit, you will get actionable insights you can have confidence in as these come from data rather than best practices or gut feelings.

Driven by your targets

Whether you are looking to increase ROAS, revenue, or decrease Cost Per Acquisition, you will have a holistic and connected view of your Google Shopping account setup.

Insights and Opportunities Unlocked

Our customers before using Upp, couldn’t confidently answer key performance questions to inform business decision making, accurately report to all levels of the organisation and where and how to make improvements.

Can you confidently answer?

  • Do you know the spread of marketing budget across your inventory?
  • What % of inventory is driving Google revenue?
  • What % of your inventory is Google ignoring?
  • Could the budget be better allocated?

Answers locked in your data

Our data-led audit unlocks your data and gives you the insights and recommendations that address all these questions. The more data used for the audit, the more insights and level of details we can unlock for you.

Data-led Audit Requirements

Full data access

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Data used include Google Data plus Shopify, Magento or Google Analytics for your live order data.

This level of data unlocks insights to reveal all your lost revenue opportunities and areas for improvement.

Google and your exported data

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Data used include Google Data plus CSV exports of your order data. A CSV data export may require support from your internal departments.

This level of data is ideal for custom platforms to unlock insights and reveal all your lost revenue opportunities and areas for improvement.

Google data only

Asset 6@4x


This level of data is typically used by agencies and unlocks insights with limited lost revenue opportunities and areas for improvement.

Due to resource constraints, an agency will use only this level of data when auditing your account.

Data-led Audit Results

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  • ROAS was often ‘spikey’ and not consistent
  • Daily budgets were often not spent
  • The campaign structure was a fairly typical one, splitting by product category
  • With more than 300 new lines launched on an average week, Google doesn’t have enough understanding and data on new products to manage them effectively
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  • Campaigns were saturated, as a result: visibility is pooling at the top, missing opportunities to maximise ROAS and not hitting budget
  • Overspend/underspend are common themes within the dataset
  • 83 distinct SKUs that generate good revenue but were starved of visibility, received minimal cost-share and were lost due to campaign saturation
  • 53 distinct SKUs that generate no revenue but received disproportionate levels of visibility
  • 128 distinct SKUs that have outstanding click-through rates but had zero conversion
  • The cost had decreased significantly since Q4 2020
  • ROAS improvement has coincided with budget reduction and Google Shopping placing safer products into campaigns
  • Product visibility distribution was a key issue so it limited Charles Tyrwhitt’s ability to compete for new customers efficiently. This meant 159 impressions required per click and 29 clicks required per conversion along with 433 product lines not receiving

Do you qualify for an audit?

To qualify and benefit from our data-led audit you will need to:

  • Be looking to implement new technologies within the next two months
  • Have more than 200 SKUs in your inventory
  • Provide key contacts in order to get access to data and start the audit