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increase in monthly revenue


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  • Sector:PPE (safety supplies)
  • Services: Paid Marketing
  • Focus: UK
  • Start: 2021

The customer

The Safety Supply Company are safety specialists, with in-depth experience of delivering safety equipment spanning two decades. With a reputation for reliability, flexibility and innovative solutions, they remain focussed on wholesale supply of PPE and Workwear to customers across Europe.

The challenge

The Safety Supply Company needed their performance marketing to be as reliable as they are.  They had worked with four different agencies within twelve months but none had been able to provide transparency needed on how to trade effectively through Google Shopping (which was responsible for c.50% of the daily revenue target). 

“We had tried multiple solutions, but none gave us an effective solution to real-time trading on Google Shopping. Upp immediately highlighted which products were performing or underperforming and told me why – and turned a troublesome area into a profitable channel.”

The complication

The Chief Executive was responsible for ensuring the business hit a daily revenue and profit figure – but with each option he tried he still had no visibility on which paid marketing channels were contributing and which were not. 

Upp took a look into the account and found that the current agency was using a single Performance Max campaign to manage over twenty thousand products. By managing all those SKUs in one campaign, the number of products exposed in market were severely restricted. 

“Working with Upp has directly contributed to a huge increase in our monthly revenue.”

Customer success

Upp was given the mandate to maximise the exposure of Safety Supplies inventory, whilst hitting their profitability requirements. 

Within 24 hours Upp combined their order data (first party data), Google shopping data and data from non-Google channels, identifying that many products couldn’t trade effectively because they were at the wrong price point. We provided visibility at SKU level on the best (and worst) performing products as well as the inventory performing well in Google Search – but not generating clicks due to their pricing. 

Once Safety Supplies had this data with Upp’s recommendations on the appropriate price points they implemented the changes which immediately began to drive the commercial outcomes they needed. 

Working with Upp’s operating system allowed Safety Supply to properly interrogate their paid marketing activity and understand the precise contribution of Google Shopping in driving revenue, while achieving a positive margin contribution. 

“Upp’s insights have become more powerful the longer we have worked with them, which means I now use data from our performance marketing to improve other areas such as our pricing.”

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