Farmdrop Case Study

How Farmdrop increased product visibility by doubling the number of impressions with Upp

Smart digital marketers use Upp’s powerful AI platform to acquire more customers and hit their targets.

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    Farmdrop is a responsible food sourcing and delivery extraordinaire that has a lot to think about to maintain its success in today’s climate. Like every other online retailer out there operating in such a crowded environment, Farmdrop is highly dependent on Google Shopping to meet and beat the competition, particularly post-COVID.

    The question is, how were Farmdrop able to continue scaling their Google Shopping account in such a competitive market after lockdowns ended, without growth “hitting the ceiling”? We’ll give you a hint — it wasn’t a top tier digital agency using best practices — the solution was data-driven, and offered better outcomes — Upp

    The Challenges facing Farmdrop

    Throughout the pandemic — much like lots of other online retailers — Farmdrop benefited from a surge in thousands of customers, largely driven by the limits of lockdown mandates. Unfortunately, as COVID restrictions reduced, so did their surge. As soon as the world started seeing some normalcy again, it left Farmdrop needing to generate new customers in a hyper-competitive market again. 

    At that point, Farmdrop had already switched Google Shopping back on, but they struggled to win new customers without CPA (cost per acquisition) exceeding target allowables. To make matters worse, several other retailers offered similar products — with the luxury of a bigger budget, their aggressive spending made it so that Farmdrop struggled to outperform. 

    Farmdrop, like many retailers on GS, needed to — 

    • Spend as much of their daily budget as possible to maximise growth
    • Whilst acquiring as many new daily customers within their allowable CPA target 

    In essence, they needed help scaling their growth on Google Shopping whilst competing against some of the UK’s largest retailers… But how? With machine learning capabilities and a greater resource of data at its fingertips, Upp was the key. 
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    Upp leverages the power of product performance data to transform Farmdrop’s Google Shopping fortunes

    To start, Upp plugged into a source of Farmdrop’s order data to pinpoint inventory that Google had limited understanding of performance — this included products that were being under or overpromoted and everything else in between. This data informed the creation of new Farmdrop campaigns that were split by product performance and targets, instead of just by categories. 

    The results? Greater visibility for inventory, previously dismissed by Google, that were identified as great for acquiring new customers — which meant higher revenue growth potential. But wait, it wasn’t a set-it-and-forget-it setup either. Upp monitors ongoing campaign and product performance around the clock to ensure Farmdrop is always optimising its budget to maximise its target strategy.

    But, specifically, what results can you expect from utilising a powerful solution like Upp with your GS efforts? Let’s get into the details of Farmdrop’s success. 

    Farmdrop’s performance outcomes with Upp 

    Visibility: First, having identified a selection of Farmdrop’s top-selling products that Google had no data on, Upp automatically placed these into campaigns to quickly understand how they would perform in Google Shopping too. This results in Upp increasing the amount of inventory promoted on Google Shopping from 36% to 74%. That’s a near 100% increase in products that new customers now see from Farmdrop when searching on Google.

    Customer acquisition: Once Upp and Google had gathered enough data to understand the performance of Farmdrop’s wider inventory, Upp automatically identified which products were best for acquiring new customers from this greater selection. Campaigns were then created with products that specifically targeted new customers and amended every 24 hours depending on conversion rates/stock availability etc to capitalise on maximum growth.  

    With Upp’s CPA framework, Farmdrop was soon reaping the rewards, with impressions doubling from ~400k to 800k (i.e. shown in double the number of searches), with clicks also following the same trend (i.e. these products doubled new customer traction too).

    Since working with Upp, Google Shopping has now become Farmdrop’s greatest new customer acquisition channel, with daily new customers consistently growing WoW (double what they were) as Upp gathers more data, and becomes even smarter with its campaign setup/product selection.

    Improve your Google Shopping campaign

    Unfortunately, a list-it-and-forget-it approach to Google Shopping is unlikely to consistently achieve the results you want. As a growing retail business, you simply can’t afford to list your products on Google Shopping and hope that new customers show up again. 

    And that’s where we come in. 

    Farmdrop’s ongoing partnership with Upp is a great example of this. We equipped them with a data-driven approach to Google Shopping so they no longer “hit the ceiling”. With real-time marketing updates that give them a glimpse of how their budgeting impacted ROI as they tracked inventory and customer acquisition, they had an easier time getting unstuck and reaching their customers with more ease. 

    But… You have to try it for yourself to experience the best of Upp as a Google Shopping management/optimisation tool. Get in touch with one of our experts today for a consultation that lets you in on how it’s really done.
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    Upp Technologies is the only connected retail performance platform in the market. They ensure retailers thrive by connecting their product performance data, automatically unlocking hidden opportunities and optimising business performance in real-time.