Equus Case Study

Learn how Equus increased revenue from Google Shopping threefold using Upp’s AI and Automation platform.

Smart digital marketers use Upp’s powerful AI platform to acquire more customers and hit their targets.

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    Equus story begins in January 2013. Co-founders Kim Horton and Steven Wood wanted to spend as much quality time as possible with their horses. What they definitely didn’t want to be doing is spending that time chasing around the country for a particular equine product, running from tack shop to country store, or searching for fruitless hours online then waiting up to a week or more for delivery. Frustrated by this lack of available options for convenient quality equestrian clothing and tack, co-founders Kim and Steven were inspired to bring customer-focused shopping to the forefront of the online equine retail sector. They have now built a highly successful one-stop online shop that provides riders with the best products carefully curated for them by a team with a real passion for horses.


    Challenges and Goals

    According to a survey by The British Equestrian Trade Association, there is a positive overview of the industry, with an upturn in some rider figures and an increase in annual spending, which is great news for equestrian businesses that can continue to support a sizable and lucrative market. However, is tempered by the fact that a lack of access to horses and riding facilities, which includes equipment, is a barrier for 22% of lapsed riders returning to the sport.

    Equus’ online store tackling this industry challenge head-on by improving access to equestrian equipment however they wanted to keep increasing access and reach more riders. Equus was referred to Upp Technologies by Poundshop, an existing customer of Upp and they saw first-hand the success Poundshop is having with Upp’s AI-driven platform.

    Equus was managing customer acquisition all in-house and Google Shopping is a key channel for them. Seeing what Upp can do for Poundshop and from their own internal experience outsourcing the management of Google Shopping to an agency isn’t enough. ROAS was often below their minimum target so they needed a more automated and data-driven strategy that:

    • Maximise daily Ad Budget whilst maintaining ROAS target
    • Free time up for their teams by automating data analysis of 39,828 SKUs and removing manual processes
    • Easily plugin into their e-commerce platform

    AI and Automation Software

    Upp’s approaches every retailer with a data-driven and consultative approach and as a Shopify Partner, we are well equipped to support Equus’ ecommerce platform. Before presenting Equus with a solution, Upp carried out a deep audit of their current Google Shopping performance and found that:

    • Only 37.6% of SKUS were eligible to be included in Shopping Campaigns and therefore visible on Google
    • Product visibility: the average number of impressions required to get a click was 118 and only 52% of products achieved this
    • Purchase intent: the average number of clicks required to get a conversion was 57 and only 0.88% of products achieved this – this indicated a large underspend on top-performing products
    • Budget underspend: the number of products with underspend was 964 and Equus had an opportunity to improve revenue from these products

    From the audit it was clear that Equus’ products are not achieving enough visibility to generate sales, campaigns structure was based on performance and not product type in order to improve ROAS and Smart Shopping campaigns were not utilised to increase Ads performance.

    Upp proposed a solution using AI with reviews from our platform specialists:

    • Fully automate, manage and optimise Equus’ Google Shopping account – Upp achieves this by identifying wasted spend, and reallocating it to top-selling products previously starved of ad budget whilst pushing products that have the potential to achieve conversion into Google Shopping Campaigns
    • Switch on Smart Shopping with Upp managing it to automatically structure products and campaigns based on data and performance to meet Equus’s ROAS and revenue targets
    • Access to Upp’s reporting dashboard with SKU-level performance visibility

    Implementation and Onboarding

    After the audit, Upp’s onboarding process is a two-step process that includes Account Setup and Data Integration, this process is streamlined and in comparison to an agency-delivered service is much faster and reduces time to market for retailers to go live.

    Account Setup – Upp created Equus an account, configure it to their requirements and set them live on the platform

    Data Integration – Once Equus is live, Upp plugs into their datasets: product from Merchant Center, orders from Shopify and campaign performance from Google Adwords. Additional data points can also be added from Shopify if required.

    Upp carries out due diligence by checking the mapping of the data to make sure the cost, product and orders all use the same key for SKU in the platform. This also means SKU on an order matches the SKU on a product.

    Upp’s platform specialist provided Equus with detailed training on the platform and for the first 8-12 weeks provided a white glove service to help Equus get the most out of the platform.


    Our success and continuous optimisation

    Only just after a month of being on Upp’s platform, Equus achieved:

    • Increased revenue by 95% with only an increase of 43% on average daily spend
    • Product visibility on a seven-day average increased with impressions up 6%
    • Increased the number of products where Equus outranks competition whilst remaining within the ROAS threshold

    Equus continues to see strong revenue growth as after two months they saw a 3x increase in revenue whilst keeping in line with ROAS and budget targets. As the Upp platform is continuously learning about Equus performance through multiple data points, it continues to automatically find ways to increase spending within Equus’ ROAS threshold.