Excess Inventory – Mitigate the Impact and Move Forwards

Most brands and retailers will have dealt with overstock inventory before – but today businesses across the globe are warning of “excessive inventory” that is already beginning to dampen the considerable surge in profits seen by many.  At worst, dead stock will need to be disposed of at an additional cost.  At best, excess inventory…

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Profit margin improvements in an inflationary environment

profit margin increase

Sustained inflationary pressures Online retailers and brands are under immense pressure due to the impact of inflation on consumers, with the British Retail Consortium showing like-for-like sales in May 2022 declining 1.5% year on year. In our previous blog, we looked in some detail at the inflationary environment and key things retailers are already doing. …

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The Performance Gaps of Performance Max

Google Building

Performance Max unifies the consumer experience of Google Ads, but even this upcoming rollout leaves quite a lot to be desired. Apprehension amongst the online retailer space of this mandatory ‘upgrade’ is palpable. The general market view of Performance Max campaigns has not been very positive so far, further fuelling concerns. However, there is no…

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Upp vs. Google Shopping Agency Services

Upp revenue compared to Agency

Google Shopping has transformed the online retail industry and connected products with customers like never before. However, and in spite of advances like Google Smart Shopping (GSS), it remains unwieldy and its complexities leave online retailers facing a choice:  Upload your product feed into GSS and trust in automation. Dedicate resources to adopting a more…

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3 Profit Pitfalls: How Retailers Undermine Their Own Profitability

money spilling out of jar

Profitability can seem like an elusive objective for some businesses — how do you know that what you’re doing is improving profit margins? Well, sometimes, it’s the retailer themselves who are undermining their own profitability. Businesses don’t always do the right things — this includes not checking Google Shopping campaign performance regularly, not having access…

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Key Metrics for Online Retailers in 2021

key metrics for retailers online

Short-Term Wins and Long-Term Gain The amount of data available to retailers in this day and age is immense. And as a result, too many retailers are using incomplete metrics to determine success, like ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), an efficiency metric. On top of that, retailers are struggling with competing in the oversaturated online…

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6 KPIs every retailer should be tracking right now

During even the best times, competitive retail businesses need to develop and track the right key performance indicators, or KPIs. These metrics will ensure you’re on track to meet business goals or let you know which areas could use improving. In the time of the coronavirus epidemic, retailers need to take even more care to…

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How data-driven optimisation can improve brand profitability

The business landscape of the 2020s is filled with uncertainty. With the constant changes in the business climate, it’s hard to know what the future will hold. However, optimisation is key to weathering the storm. Even the smallest enterprise relies on insights backed by data to make strategic changes to their operation to better suit…

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