What Does Performance Max Mean For Retailers?

Performance max

While Google Shopping plays a fundamental role in the operations of all online retailers, it can be difficult to maintain and optimise the results it provides. As such, it ultimately delivers limited campaign success. Google themselves recognised these limits and attempted to upgrade with the introduction of Smart Shopping, which still uses solely Google data,…

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How to Track Online Consumer Behaviour in 2021

online consumer behaviour

Understanding how your consumers shop is essential. As we ease into 2021, retailers are accelerating their digital strategies and keeping their finger on the pulse of what customers want and need. In this article, we’ll cover how businesses can utilise the data they have and use past trends to predict future ones in order to…

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It’s not the size of your budget, it’s how you use it

Using Budget

I hear ya, you’ve got a limited budget each month for Google Shopping. But, you’ve been tasked with acquiring new customers and you’re already maxing your budget? Or, you were pleased with your CPA, but now when you push your account, CPA goes above what you’re comfortable with? We come across these challenges all too…

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How retailers can enhance their online performance in 3 steps

More people are shopping from their homes than ever before (in fact, some for the first time). Needless to say, it’s highlighted the importance of being online as a retailer, especially for those who have never prioritised it before. That means retailers need to enhance their online performance in the right ways, with a focus…

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3 successful online retail strategies to survive and thrive in 2021

In the current climate of online retail, you need innovative and resilient strategies so that your retail business can survive, thrive, and continue to a new era after the current crisis passes. In the meantime, to stay competitive you must adapt and adopt new strategies. It’s a struggle, especially when there are so many ways…

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5 common retail mistakes to avoid online

2020 has been a disruptive year in retail, to say the least. Customers are now shopping online more than ever (because they have to — at least until the provisional date of 15th June) and online sales are up 12.5% YoY in the UK. Some are speculating that this is the new normal for some…

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4 tips for retailers competing in the new digital landscape

2019 was very much the year of the digital native retailer, with digital-first companies holding an impressive 13.7% of retail sales worldwide, a success that’s led to predictions they’ll open as many as 850 brick-and-mortar stores in the next five years. Although these plans may be on hold for the time being, there’s no doubt…

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