The Performance Gaps of Performance Max

Google Building

Performance Max unifies the consumer experience of Google Ads, but even this upcoming rollout leaves quite a lot to be desired. Apprehension amongst the online retailer space of this mandatory ‘upgrade’ is palpable. The general market view of Performance Max campaigns has not been very positive so far, further fuelling concerns. However, there is no…

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Charles Tyrwhitt Case Study

Charles Tywhitt Case Study Image (1)

  Founded in 1986, Charles Tyrwhitt has been committed to making great products that last, at unbeatable value for money, with exemplary customer service, a pinch of British charm and a commitment to do things properly and responsibly. It has become a global brand, delighting customers from their flagship store on London’s famous Jermyn Street,…

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Upp vs. Google Shopping Agency Services

Upp revenue compared to Agency

Google Shopping has transformed the online retail industry and connected products with customers like never before. However, and in spite of advances like Google Smart Shopping (GSS), it remains unwieldy and its complexities leave online retailers facing a choice:  Upload your product feed into GSS and trust in automation. Dedicate resources to adopting a more…

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What Does Performance Max Mean For Retailers?

Performance max

While Google Shopping plays a fundamental role in the operations of all online retailers, it can be difficult to maintain and optimise the results it provides. As such, it ultimately delivers limited campaign success. Google themselves recognised these limits and attempted to upgrade with the introduction of Smart Shopping, which still uses solely Google data,…

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Nordgreen Case Study


Nordgreen’s story began in 2017, with Nordgreen’s partners Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt building a brand that is actionable toward sustainable practices while creating an aesthetically pleasing, and functional collection of designer timepieces. Nordgreen envisioned its collection with award-winning Chief Designer Jakob Wagner, who earned his acclaim by designing for Bang & Olufsen, Hay, B&B…

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How AI Can Supercharge Your Google Shopping Management in 2022

The online world can be a rewarding yet somewhat overwhelming platform for any retailer looking to both grow and survive. You have the benefit of being part of a constantly evolving landscape, with around 70% of Brits preferring to shop online, a number that’s higher than ever before.1 But the problem with a constantly evolving…

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Poundshop Case Study is the largest UK online pound shop founded by the ex-CEO and CFO of the infamous Poundland. Similar to many online Food & Beverage retailers during various lockdowns of 2020, Poundshop too received significant demand for their services. However, whilst there was a huge demand, in 2021 Poundshop identified that with their fast turnover…

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Farmdrop Case Study

Farmdrop is a responsible food sourcing and delivery extraordinaire that has a lot to think about to maintain its success in today’s climate. Like every other online retailer out there operating in such a crowded environment, Farmdrop is highly dependent on Google Shopping to meet and beat the competition, particularly post-COVID. The question is, how…

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