Why an Agency Alone Will Never Get Best Results

Smart digital marketers use Upp’s powerful AI platform to acquire more customers and hit their targets.

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    Managing Google Shopping (GS) campaigns is a time-consuming and complicated task at the best of times. That’s only made more complex when retailers don’t have the tools or understanding to feel confident in what they’re doing. It’s predicted that nearly 27.2% of the world’s population will shop online in 2021, so aimlessly running GS campaigns is wasting your opportunity at converting an astronomical amount of buyers.¹ Thankfully, there are solutions to turn to!

    The more well-known resources are setting up in-house GS specialists or partnering with a digital marketing agency. The real secret weapon, though, that most retailers don’t yet know is an option, is leveraging the power of an AI management platform. Not only will an AI-driven platform make GS campaign management more efficient, it will unlock data and results whether you’re GS savvy or not.

    Let’s really break down the options available to you and dig into why choosing an agency or in-house specialists alone won’t set you on the road to tapping into your best possible retail performance.

    What can an agency do for you?

    Choosing to partner with a digital marketing agency to manage, maintain and optimise your Google Shopping campaigns can be a great decision for retailers. That’s especially true if running your campaigns in-house isn’t an option.

    Should you pick in-house or agency?

    Taking an in-house approach to your GS marketing campaigns requires certain parameters: you have the resources, time and expertise. Without these three things, you’ll likely be in over your heads with GS details and struggle to ensure conversion rates that are conducive to business growth.

    It’s important to remember that there’s also another factor at play other than just setting up GS — you can’t leave the GS operation to run on its own and expect great results. That’s because GS just isn’t smart enough yet (despite its new Smart upgrade), you will still need to find a way to overcome Google Shopping limitations present in standard and Smart campaigns.

    Running your campaigns in-house requires setting goals, analysing vast data sets and actioning GS’s insights. If you have the capacity to do that, great! If you don’t, an agency could be the option for you. 

    What does an agency offer?

    There are many benefits of choosing to partner with an agency overrunning your Google Shopping campaigns in-house. Let’s take a look at them:

    • More efficient — Unlike with in-house, you can confidently leave your GS management and optimisation to the agency. That means less time spent on management that can be channelled elsewhere in your company.
    • Make the most of GS — It’s likely that the agency you choose will be clued up on how to reduce the limitations that come with GS, meaning you’ll have a head start on your competitors.
    • Unlock transformative insights — Running in-house GS management without real expertise leads to important data and insights from GS slipping through the net. An agency will prevent that from happening.
    • Access to industry experts — Most agencies are made up of GS specialists that bring with them a whole lot of knowledge that you would likely miss in-house. 

    Deciding to partner with an agency could be the right choice for your brand and it’s a great step. It’s not, though, without its shortcomings. 
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    Why you need to go beyond an agency alone

    Despite its many benefits, it’s critical to note that an agency can also hold you back. Uncovering the ways in which an agency misses opportunities will inevitably help you unearth opportunities that your competitors aren’t tapping into. Here are some of the limitations of an agency:

    • Restricted insights — Even if your agency is pulling all of the data from your GS campaigns, GS itself has limits on the data it provides. For example, it only shows data from the last 30 days. There’s only so much an agency can do without the help of a sophisticated insights platform.
    • Behind-time data — Agencies will need time in the early stages of your partnership with them to get to know your business. This can often take between 1 and 3 months, meaning there’s a good amount of time you’re not properly getting access to imperative clear-cut, real-time data.
    • 9-5 support — Being people-led, agencies can’t give you access to complete data 24/7. You’re also not in control of your account manager’s availability, meaning that there could be more gaps in your access to critical insights.

    Access optimal results with our hidden secret

    An agency’s help can, in ways, actually hinder your success. You’ll likely struggle to have complete visibility over your retail performance data and may be at risk of having siloed ecosystems.

    This is where we introduce you to the helping hand that will protect and propel your retail potential— an AI-driven insights platform. Read on to find out how you can really turn your retail business up a notch.

    How an insights platform can fill the gap

    Looking for a way to drive your business towards higher conversions and have true ROI on your ad spend? Look no further. The answer is investing in an insights platform like Upp.

    An intelligent platform can assist your GS campaigns and the agency you’re working with in a way that overcomes all of an agency’s pain points. A platform will do this in the following ways:

    • Holistic integration — Say goodbye to siloed departments and hello to meeting more overall business targets. An insights platform will automatically bring your larger business goals together with your GS campaign data. That way, you can hit targets more effectively by making more informed retail decisions.
    • Accessing real-time data — A platform’s AI element will collate comprehensive GS data without having to wait for anyone in an agency. That means your data is guaranteed to be delivered in real-time, helping you make the most advantageous decisions as quickly as possible.
    • Operating 24/7 — Automation is the secret ingredient, meaning that you have access to all of this detailed data any time you need it. Upp AI continues to set campaign strategies based on your targets and automates campaign progress at all times. Your campaigns will constantly be getting better automatically.

    These benefits will undoubtedly maximise your retail potential and revenue growth. But it doesn’t stop there. The right AI management platform will also use test and trial tactics to discover the marketing campaign that’s the most effective. The platform will automatically try different approaches over short periods of time so you know the best practices to adopt. An AI platform is also guaranteed to optimise your ad spend no matter what. 

    Want to drive revenue growth through automated management and richer performance insights? Of course you do! The question, now, is just whether you choose to leverage an insights platform in-house vs with a marketing agency.

    Should you use an insights platform alongside in-house or an agency?

    You’ll most likely be best off managing your campaigns in-house with a third-party insights platform if you have the following:

    • Time to devote to GS and managing your insights platform.
    • Expertise in GS to bring about the best results possible.
    • A desire to work directly with the platform’s team.

    Go down the agency route if you:

    • Want the benefits of an agency alongside the benefits of a platform.
    • Don’t have the resources to maintain GS campaigns and communicate with the platform’s team.
    • Have a specific target to reach, for example customer acquisition.

    Upp is the right platform for you

    Upp is an AI management solution that goes above and beyond your retail needs. It helps you outperform your competitors in saturated market places by giving you complete visibility over your campaign data. Upp AI helps you understand your performance and your GS campaigns on another level as well as discovering and actioning how to get the most out of your spending. This ultimately guarantees an increase in your revenue growth.

    Upp is the perfect side-kick to your GS campaign work either in-house or with an agency. While an agency delivers some great benefits, it falls short when it’s not partnered with a platform like Upp. 

    To reap the best Google Shopping results, you need a third party platform like Upp on your team. Upp doesn’t just put plasters over the holes in your agency’s efforts, but brings about a real transformation in the effectiveness of your campaigns and, ultimately, your revenue. Get in touch with us today to talk to an expert.

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    ¹ 19 Ecommerce Statistics You Need to Know in 2021 [New data]