Regain control and visibility across your retail inventory

Upp optimises for every SKU in every product line 24/7, 365 days a year – which an ad agency simply can’t do.

It uses customer data, business data, and market trends to drive higher performance by:

– Scaling best-sellers and promotional products by allocating spend accordingly.

– Increasing product visibility for underserved SKU’s.

– Maximising daily budgets whilst increasing ROAS.

– Re-allocating budget spend on dead stock.


Harness the true power of your Google Shopping campaigns

Google Shopping campaigns alone only have access to Google’s data. With Upp, you can blend Google’s data with data specific to your business, including:

– Competitor insights

– Seasonality effects

– Product trends

Upp automates advertising 24/7, enabling you and your team to drive sustainable growth for your business.

Uncover revenue opportunities you never knew existed

Stop leaving revenue on the table and start to maximize performance marketing


Your top & tail at a SKU level.


Assess Overspend & Underspend


Revenue opportunities you never knew existed


The return on your ad spend

Achieve your Uppside

Untap your potential with Upp’s Google Shopping audit. From your laggards to your unsung heroes. View your dead stock, inventory with highest potential and the opportunity cost, in revenue, on betting on the wrong horses.