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increase in Google Shopping profitability


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increase in revenue from Google Shopping

  • Sector: Retail
  • Services: Paid Marketing
  • Focus: UK
  • Start: 2020

The customer

Poundshop.com is the largest UK online pound shop founded by the ex-CEO and CFO of the infamous Poundland. Similar to many online Food & Beverage retailers during various lockdowns of 2020, Poundshop too received significant demand for their services.

The challenge

Poundshop have a short product lifecycle and have a high volume of new stock (300 per week) being added per week. Neither Google Shopping nor Poundshop’s agency partner were able to keep up with this velocity nor understand the good from the bad performing inventory and therefore be able to allocate budget accordingly. ROAS (return of ad spend) was “spikey” and the daily budgets that were allocated often went unspent.  

“Whilst Google Shopping is a great tool to find new shoppers, having more manual control over campaigns can often be difficult when dealing with large ranges of SKUs, as is the case for Poundshop. Upp.’s proposition was an attractive one as they can help continuously optimise our product range, organising SKUs into relevant campaigns to help maximise exposure at the right cost. It’s definitely the way forward.”

The complication

The velocity of new product lines being added each week meant that Google had insufficient understanding or data to manage the new products effectively. Google had more data on products that had been around for longer meaning these new products were being limited in their exposure on Google Shopping.

The bottom line for Poundshop was an inability to grow sales without negatively impacting their ROAS. As the account matured, fewer and fewer of Poundshop’s products were generating sales through Google Shopping meaning the channel was consistently underspending and under delivering. 

Customer success

Poundland quickly used Upp.’s plugin to integrate and grant access to their ecommerce platform, Magento 2.0. Within weeks Poundshop was seeing the results. Upp identified products that were being sold across Poundshop’s other channels and pushed them through Google to ensure they were receiving the visibility and budget required to generate sales through Google Shopping. 

Prior to Upp only 17% of all products sold across any channel were being pushed by Google Shopping. By plugging in product and order data, Upp enabled Google Shopping to increase the number of products pushed from 17% to 68% driving overall sales and profitability of this marketing channel that had previously been underperforming. 

As Upp. tested different products and the platform learnt which of those products could generate conversions and achieve target ROAS, the overall growth of the account improved WoW, where previously Poundshop’s agency had hit the inevitable Google Shopping “glass ceiling”. Six months since launch Upp has managed to maintain Poundshop’s ROAS target and  increase daily spend on the Google Shopping account by 375%. 

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